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Please note that our submission protocols have changed. All application materials should first be e-mailed to planning@worcesterma.gov for staff review to ensure completeness and accuracy prior to delivery of the original in hardcopy. 15 hardcopies are no longer required. Please contact our office prior to submission with questions.

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a volunteer regulatory board consisting of five regular and two associate members appointed by the City Manager. The ZBA holds public hearings concerning the following items:

  • Applications for a special permit to allow certain uses that require discretionary approval of the ZBA. The ZBA considers these cases by evaluating criteria established in the Zoning Ordinance, and may impose conditions on an approval that they deem as necessary to protect the health, safety or general welfare of the public;
  • Applications for a special permit or variance to deviate from specific zoning requirements, such as minimum lot size, dimensional limits on density of development and height of buildings, and required setbacks from adjacent properties;
  • Applications for extension, change or alteration of structures or uses that do not meet current zoning requirements, but did meet regulations in place at the time of their establishment. These “Privledged non-conforming” structures or uses may be extended, changed or altered by grant of a special permit.
  • Appeals of zoning decisions by the Building Commissioner.

Board Profile How to Join


Meet 1 - 2 times  per month on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.

Please review the Meeting Schedule for meeting dates and application deadlines.

Date/Time of Next Meeting: Monday August 5th, 2024


ZB-2023-005 - 8-11 EARLE TERRACE (SP)

ZB-2023-095 - 17 MONTCLAIR DRIVE (SP)


ZB-2024-012 - 79 PULLMAN STREET (SP)

ZB-2024-017 - 12 OAK KNOLL ROAD (SP)

ZB-2024-025 - 188.5 NORFOLK STREET (SP)

ZB-2024-029 - 487 PARK AVENUE (V)

ZB-2024-033 - 57 PASADENA PARKWAY (V)

ZB-2024-035 - 54 FLORENCE STREET (SP)


ZB-2024-042 - 173 LINCOLN STREET (V)

ZB-2024-044 - 19 CHEQUESSET ROAD (V EOT)

ZB-2024-046 - 630 GRAFTON STREET (SP)

ZB-2024-047 - 138 COHASSET STREET (V)

ZB-2024-048 - 112 & 116 RODNEY STREET (SP&V AMEND)

ZB-2024-049 - 4 FAIRBANKS STREET (V)

ZB-2024-050 - HERMON STREET (V)

ZB-2024-051 - 22 ENID STREET (V AMEND)

ZB-2024-052 - 1125 PLEASANT STREET (V)

ZB-2024-055 - 39 LAMARTINE STREET (V)

ZB-2024-056 - 225 SHREWSBURY STREET (SP)

ZB-2024-057 - 16 CARVER STREET (SP&V)

ZB-2024-059 - 45 CEDAR STREET (SP&V)

ZB-2024-061 - 2 SACHEM AVE (SP)


The Zoning Board of Appeals' policy regarding receipt of complete applications and procedures for receipt of revisions as well as postponements and continuations has recently changed. Please refer to our Application Review Policy or contact Planning Division staff for more information.

Please note that a digital copy of all applications, plans and materials must be submitted as a PDF file to planning@worcesterma.gov. Please refer to applicable instructions for additional details.


For information on all city permits, licenses and fees, visit Permit Center

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