Vehicle Electrification

Electrifying municipal and community vehicles is a major goal in our Green Worcester Plan. Our most recent Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventory, completed in 2022, showed that transportation contributed to 16% of municipal emissions and 27% of community emissions. Electric vehicles (EVs) do not emit greenhouse gases or particulate pollution when being driven. However, their carbon footprint depends on whether fossil fuels are used to produce the electricity they use. The increasing percentage of renewable energy used in Worcester will reduce and eventually eliminate the carbon footprint of EVs charged in Worcester. Knowing this, we are committed to providing more EV charging stations publicly available to residents and visitors while also electrifying our own municipal fleet.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Final Report - August 26, 2022

Learn more about how we are working to make Worcester easier to get around for everyone and more electric vehicle-friendly on our Green Worcester Dashboard.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As of Spring 2023, the city has 30 publicly accessible EV charging stations and many are currently free to use for the public. These include:

  • Federal Plaza Municipal Garage (6 ports)
  • Major Taylor Municipal Garage (2 ports)
  • Pearl-Elm Municipal Garage (6 ports)
  • South High School (6 ports)
  • Union Station Municipal Garage (4 ports)
  • Worcester Common Municipal Garage (6 ports)

To see more details on EV charging station locations and costs, visit Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations.

For our municipal fleet, we have four EV charging ports at our Inspectional Services Department. Also, we are currently undergoing a study to determine the best approach to installing EV charging stations to serve increasingly electrifying municipal fleet in the years to come.

An Electric Car at a Charging Station

Municipal Electric Vehicles

An Electric Municipal Car

We currently have three EVs – two for the Inspectional Services staff and one for the City Manager. Purchasing EVs for our municipal fleet has been a challenge in 2021-2023 due to supply chain issues but we hope that will improve soon.

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