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For information on all city permits, licenses and fees, visit Permit/License Center.

We encourage you to submit your application ONLINE through our permit portal links below! Please complete all required fields, electronically sign and upload the appropriate documents.

Before you can submit an application for a permit or license you must create an account. Please see Signing Up, Creating a Profile & Accessing Your Information and Applying for a Permit & Paying Fees.

Permit/License Types

In addition to creating an account, if you are a new contractor, you must register as a New Contractor and attach a copy of your insurance binder.

Alternatively, if you are a company already on file with DPW&P, you can request updates to your company contact information, insurance and surety via the Company and Individual Information Updates.

DPW Engineering Permit • Apply Now!

  • Curb Cuts
  • Drain Connections, Repairs and Mains
  • Drinking Water Pipes and Fire Pipe Work
  • Main Inspections
  • Sewer Connections, Repairs and Mains
  • Street Closings
  • Street Obstructions
  • Street Openings
  • Trenches


Drainlayer License • Apply Now!

Flow Test Permit • Apply Now!

Complete one application for each flow test requested. Please submit your application at least one (1) week prior to requested test date.

General Hydrant Use Permit • Apply Now!

  • Dust Control
  • Flushing Private Water Lines
  • Sewer Inspection Contract
  • Street Resurfacing Contract

Complete one application for each hydrant use requested. Please submit your application at least one (1) week prior to requested use date. Use of a reduced pressure back flow preventer is required unless prior arrangements are made.

Grant Plan Review • Apply Now!

Move Overweight Loads on Local Streets • Apply Now!

Application Requirements:

  • Copy of Route Map
  • List of Equipment (Description, Registration of Hauling Vehicles, Overall Dimensions, GVW, etc.)
  • Copy of Permit Issued by Mass DOT if Travel Route Includes State Highways
  • Original Certificate of Insurance with City of Worcester Named as an Additional Insured Party

Outdoor Dining on Public Sidewalk • Apply Now!

Application Requirements:

  • Sketch or Diagram Depicting the Proposed Outdoor Dining Area
  • Original Certificate of Insurance with City of Worcester Named as an Additional Insured Party
  • Indemnity Agreement Acceptable to the City of Worcester Must be Signed

Small Wireless Facilities License and Permit • Apply Now!

Application Requirements:

  • Certificate of Compliance with Worcester Revised Ordinances Governing Revenue Collection
  • Certificate of Compliance Proving Compliance with the Workers' Compensation Act
  • Certification of Compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulations
  • Certification of Compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations
  • Certification of Compliance with Historic District Requirements
  • Certification of Compliance with American Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Certification of Non-Interference with Frequencies Used for Public Safety Communications
  • Radio Frequency Engineer's Qualifications
  • List of Radio Frequencies to be Used by the Proposed Wireless Facility
  • Written Consent from Pole Owner Authorizing Use of Pole
  • Photograph of Proposed Site Location
  • Photo Rendering for Proposed Antenna that Depicts Aesthetic Features
  • GIS Map of All Wireless Facilities within the City, Both Existing and Proposed
  • Scaled Site Plans and Specifications Prepared by a Licensed Massachusetts Structural Engineer for Small Cell Facility
  • Equipment Type and Model Numbers for Equipment Associated with Facility
  • An Ordinance Relative to Small Cell Wireless Facilities in the Public Rights-Of-Way (For Reference, if Needed)
  • Department of Public Works Permit Manual (For Reference, if Needed)

Stationary Vendors • Apply Now!

Street Numbering or Change of Address Request • Apply Now!

Application Requirements:

  • Recorded Plan with the Properties Requiring an Address Clearly Marked (if there is a current address).
  • Proposed Plot Plan (if no current address).
  • Proposed Building and Suite Layout (if request includes Unit Level Numbering).
  • Approved Subdivision Plan (if parcel is part of a subdivision).
  • Approval Letter from Director of Engineering, and Recorded Easement (if the structure will be serviced via long connection).
  • Approved Plan and Agreement with Associated Performance Security (if the structure will be serviced by extending existing sewer main to frontage of property).

Wastewater Discharge • Apply Now!

Alternatively, you may continue to use the following applications. Include your phone number, sign, date and send along with the appropriate documents to the email address or fax number on this page.

You may also mail your application to the DPW Engineering Division, however we recommend you follow up to ensure that it was received and that only copies of the original documents are mailed.

Please contact our office with any questions at 508-929-1300.


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