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Inclusion, Integrity, Innovation

The City of Worcester Strategic Plan, developed and launched in fiscal year 2020 after public input through formatted focus groups and a City-wide survey, is a key complement to the City's future Master Plan and the Worcester Public Schools' Strategic Plan. The focus of the City's Strategic Plan is on internal performance and service delivery to enhance economic competitiveness.

The Plan is a living document that has been created and will be continually updated and integrated into the everyday activities of city government. It articulates the City's vision during the next three to five year period, and how the City is going to get there by aligning government services, operations, strategies, goals and objectives to help city leaders drive performance and outcome, increase transparency and enhance communication.

The Plan itself is not a destination, but the vehicle to help reach the identified goals and outcomes. It is important that all strategies used in the Plan reflect the make-up of our City and that every voice is heard and represented in the development of the plan.

High Priority Objectives

The municipal Strategic Plan framework is focused around the identified four priority areas below.

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Create a vibrant, thriving city. Getting around the city, working, having fun, feeling safe and having common open spaces, are all essential factors to a thriving city.

  • Live
  • Play
  • Safety
  • Sense of Place
  • Transportation
  • Work


  • Honor and celebrate diverse and inclusive cultural events.
  • Maintain a safe and appealing infrastructure.
  • Provide opportunities for business development and employment growth.
Neighborhood Houses

Develop strong neighborhoods. Stable, safe and affordable housing options, as well as citizen engagement, access to services and nearby public spaces establish strong neighborhoods.

  • Access to Resources
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Live
  • Thrive


  • Support safe and affordable housing options.
  • Maintain appealing neighborhoods with high-quality infrastructure and green spaces.
  • Promote a sense of safety and security for all residents.
People Holding Opportunity Letters

Provide opportunities for ALL. Offering amenities and resources without language barriers, encouragement to participate and share opinions, job opportunities for a variety of skills and knowledge and access to quality education, all help to open up opportunities for everyone.

  • Amenities and Resources
  • Civic Engagement
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Services and Support


  • Support opportunities for skill development, employment and educational advancement for all residents and employees.
  • Provide opportunities for all residents to access the services and support that they need to live a healthy life.
  • Support civic engagement and provide all residents with equitable access to information and communication with City leadership.
Pillars and Money

Establish sound fiscal and operational government. Residents, City and community partners sharing responsibility and accountability, having clear goals and visions, easily accessible information and striving for continuous improvement establishes a sound fiscal and operational government.

  • Communicate and Engage
  • Efficient
  • Resilient


  • Attractive employer of high-performing, talented workforce.
  • Prudent steward of municipal services.
  • Transparent and regular engagement.

View the full City of Worcester Strategic Plan Framework for Municipal Government below.

Strategic Plan Framework

Next Steps for Strategic Planning

The City will need to gather baseline data and set target level, time-bound outcomes. Drafting the integration plan in FY2020 to connect the Master Plan and the Worcester Public Schools (WPS) Plan will also be an essential step. The City plans to beta-test during this phase, allowing for experiments in process and design with refinements along the way to inform future systems and processes.

The City will utilize a tiered approach for implementation, so that it focuses on its highest priorities first and does so in a manageable way that is more likely to achieve success.

Tiers of Importance

  • Tier I: Most important, set baseline data, use in Year 1 for measurement and management
  • Tier II: Important, need to track/obtain baseline data, use in Year 2 for measurement and management
  • Tier III: Significant, need to track/obtain baseline data, use in Year 3 or beyond for measurement and management

The City plans to integrate Tier I measures into the FY2020 budget. Tier II and Tier III will be implemented in the following FY2021 and FY2022 years. With each new fiscal year, the city will update the Plan to reflect new developments, decisions, priorities and realities for the upcoming fiscal year.

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