Lobbyist Registration

Lobbyists, lobbyist entities and their clients must register with the Worcester City Clerk's Office each year.

The goal of this registration is to promote good governance and transparency at the City of Worcester. To keep the trust of our citizens, we need to be able to give them access to information about those attempting to influence the City's decisions. To view a listing of lobbyist registrations, please visit our Open Data Portal (live data coming soon).

Annual Registration

If you establish yourself as a lobbyist, lobbying entity or client, you must register with the City Clerk's Office within 10 days.

All Lobbyists, Lobbyist Entities and Clients are required to register by creating an account with a password and valid email address in OpenGov.

Register Online

Lobbying or Lobbying Activities shall mean any attempt to influence:

  1. Any legislative action made by the City Council or any member thereof with respect to the introduction, passage, defeat or substance of any local legislation or resolution;
  2. Any administrative action made by the Mayor or City Council support, oppose, approve or disapprove any local legislation or resolution, whether or not such legislation or resolution has been introduced in the City Council;
  3. Any decision or administrative action made by an employee of the City with respect to the procurement of goods, services or construction, including the
    preparation of contract specifications, or the solicitation, award or administration of a contract, or with respect to the solicitation, award or administration of a grant, loan or agreement involving the disbursement of public monies;
  4. Any decision made by the Mayor, the City Council, City Manager or city employee with respect to the approval, denial or postponement of a decision, concerning the development of real property or zoning, including zoning approval;
  5. Any legislative or administrative action concerning the adoption, defeat or postponement of a standard, rate, rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to any
    local or special law; the adoption or rejection of a policy position.

Notice of Termination of status as a Lobbyist, Lobbying Entity or Client shall also be filed promptly with the City Clerk.

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