Periodic Inspections

The Building and Zoning Division is responsible for periodic inspections of schools, restaurants/night clubs, theaters, churches, rooming houses, hotels and multi-family dwellings.

Periodic Inspections of Multi-Family Buildings

The Inspectional Services Department is reminding the public of the importance of periodic inspections of multi-family buildings in Worcester in accordance with 780 CMR "Table 110." These inspections are needed to ensure compliance with safety and building codes for occupancy permit requirements.

These inspections apply to multi-family buildings having 3 units or more. Over 6500 properties are subject to this inspection.

Old Fire Escape on Side of Blue Multi-Family Unit
  • A letter from DIS seeking contact information.
  • DIS will contact you to schedule inspection after payment is received.
  • Expected to begin scheduling inspections before Summer of 2021.
  • Inspection performed by a building inspector.
  • Owner or agent must be present for inspection.
  • Inspection of common areas.
  • Conducted annually or every two or five years - will be established after inspection is complete.
  • Written inspection report detailing any necessary corrections with compliance date.
  • A Certificate of Inspection will be provided via the City's ViewPoint Portal.

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Schedule for Periodic Inspections of Existing Buildings

The Department of Inspectional Services shall periodically inspect existing buildings and structures and parts thereof in accordance with Table 110 entitled Schedule for Periodic Inspections of Existing Buildings.

Schedule of Fees

  • A-1 • Annual • Movie Theaters or Theaters for Performing Acts (stage and scenery)
  • A-2 • Annual • Restaurants, Night Clubs or similar
  • A-3 • Annual • Lecture Halls, Dance Halls, Churches and Places of Religious Worship, Recreational Centers, Terminals, etc.
  • A   • Annual • Special Amusement Buildings or portions thereof
  • E   • Annual • Educational, Day Care
  • I-1 • Annual • Group Home
  • I-4 • Annual • Adult and/or Child Day Care Facilities
  • R-1 • Annual • Hotels, Motels, Boarding Houses, etc.
  • R-2 • Annual • Dormitories and R-2 Congregate Living
  • R-2 • Annual • Summer Camps for Children
  • R-3 • Annual • Residential Facilities Licensed by DDS or DMH
  • R-4 • Annual • Residential Care/Assisted Living Facilities (< 16 persons)
  • Any • Annual • Facilities Licensed by the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission where alcoholic beverages are served and consumed
  • Any • Annual • House Museums (as recognized by Massachusetts Historical Commission)
  • I-2 • Two Years • Residents incapable of self-preservation: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Mental Hospitals, Certain Day Care Facilities
  • I-3 • Two Years • Residents restrained: Prisons, Jails, Detention Centers, etc.
  • R-1 • Two Years • Detoxification Facilities
  • A-4 • Five Years • Low Density Recreation and similar uses
  • R-2 • Five Years • Multi-family (3+ Units)
  • Any • Five Years • Fire Escapes, etc.

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