DECEMBER 20, 2005


Convened: 3:48 p.m.

Adjourned: 4:20 p.m.


Present were:      Temporary Chairperson Councilor Philip P. Palmieri

                             Temporary Member Councilor Juan A. Gomez

                             Councilor Thomas P. White


Also:                    DPW Director of Engineering Joseph Borbone

                             DPW Traffic Engineering Staffperson Ali Khorasani

                             WPD Sergeant John Fallavolita

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk





Handicap Parking


1.       Petition of Scott Babbitt request handicap parking at 181 Lake Avenue.

          #46 CC July 19, 2005

          In Committee November 15, 2005 – Held


1.                 Robert Steadman, 13 Camelot Circle, Dudley

2.                 Anthony Russell, 175 Lake Avenue, Worcester

Recommend Approval of two HP spaces in front of 181 Lake Avenue


2.       Petition of Marie Grout request removal of handicap parking space located at 40 King Street and relocate to 39 King Street.

          #78 CC August 16, 2005

Recommend File


3.       Petition of James Grout request handicap parking signs in front of 40 King Street.

          #12 CC June 7, 2005

Recommend File


4.       Petition of Gayle Owen on behalf of George Hill request handicap parking in front of 87 May Street.

          #44 CC September 6, 2005

Recommend Approval


5.       Petition of Janet Shea request handicap parking at the corner of Strathmore Road and Cargill Avenue.

          #33 CC September 20, 2005

Recommend Approval of installation of one HP space opposite 20 Strathmore Road.


6.       Petition of Jose Vega et al request removal of two handicap parking signs from in front of 113 Southgate Street.

          #37 CC November 22, 2005

Recommend Approval


Resident Permit Parking


7.       Petition of Vincent Fricker request resident permit parking on Duxbury Road.

          #50 CC November 18, 2003

Recommend Approval of Resident Sticker Parking entire length of Duxbury Road, weekdays only, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


8.       Petition of Renee Forget request residential parking in front of 12-14 Duxbury Road or to remove no parking sign on opposite side of street.

          #34 CC November 22, 2005

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


9.       Petition of Lucille Carrier request to install resident sticker parking on the west side of Marshall Street from Shrewsbury Street to Wilson Street.

          #54 CC October 11, 2005

Recommend Approval of installation of Resident Sticker Parking on west side Marshall Street from Shrewsbury Street to Wilson Street.


10.     Petition of Mayor Timothy P. Murray and Councillor Barbara G. Haller on behalf of residents at 48 Florence Street request resident permit parking be relocated from the even numbered side to the odd numbered side.

          #16a CC October 18, 2005

Recommend Approval




11.     Petition of Leonard Darling et al request Shepard Street be made two-way from King Street to parking lot for 5 King Street.

          #38 CC November 22, 2005

Recommend Approval





12.     Petition of Pablo Santiago request crosswalk on Chandler Street in the area of 72 Chandler Street.

          #50 CC November 15, 2005

Recommend Approval of the accompanying Order that the City Manager is requested to request the Commissioner of Public Works to upgrade to enhance the existing two crosswalks in Chandler Street in the vicinity of 72 Chandler Street.


No Parking


13.     Petition of Michael Visconti, Jr. on behalf of the Board of Trustees, North High Gardens Condominium Trust request No Parking zone be created on the south side of Lancaster Street for a distance of 40 ft. immediately to the west of the driveway exit from our parking lot.

#9 CC March 15, 2005

Recommend Approval of the request and also approval of the recommendation of the Department of Public Works that the existing 1-hour parking zone along the south side of Lancaster Street be rescinded and in place thereof install a No Parking zone 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except Sundays and Holidays.




14.     Petition of Susan Drumgoole et al request slow speed limit signs or posted speed limit signs for Deerfield Street.

          #13 CC September 13, 2005

Recommend that advisory “Thickly Settled” signs be installed instead of speed limit signs.


Traffic Study


15.     Petition of Dana E. Swenson, Sr. Vice President/Chief Facilities Officer of UMASS Memorial request Traffic Engineering Dept. perform a study of the UMASS Memorial Health Care employees crossing Plantation Street at the South Road intersection to conduct their daily business at the Hospital/Medical School Campus.

          #74 CC August 16, 2005

Recommend Approval subject to funding