AUGUST 18, 2004


5:00 P.M.


Convened:  5:15 P.M.

Adjourned:  6:10 P.M.



Present:      Councillor Frederick Rushton, Chairman

Mayor Timothy Murray, Temporary Committee Member

Joseph Borbone, Director, Traffic Engineering

Mary Babbidge, Asst. City Clerk





                                                                                                          Item # & Date

Petitioner’s Name                                      Location                        In City Council

1.       Eliza Haffty                                        35 King Philip Rd.           #16 CC 3/9/04


Recommend approval


2.       Paula Jacevicius on behalf                   19 Barclay St.                  #18 CC 3/9/04

          of Linda J. Jacevicius


Recommend approval


3.       Councillor Thomas P. White               4 Gunnarson Rd.             #19 CC 3/9/04

          on behalf of Dorothy O’Leary


Recommend approval


4.       Mayor Timothy P. Murray                  100 Chatham St.               #15 CC 4/27/04

on behalf of Sarah Kennedy               


Hold for Sept. 14th meeting – Notice to read 99 Chatham St.


5.       Councillor Joseph M. Petty                 1357 Main St.                  #9 CC 5/18/04

          on behalf of Norman Vincent             


Recommend approval


6.       Calvin Power                                      17 Reeves St.                 #11 CC 5/25/04


Recommend approval


7.       Councillor Frederick C. Rushton         Across from                   #20 CC 4/6/04

          on behalf of George Valeri                  51 Wall St.


Recommend approval




8.       Petition of Leon Mallette et al request diagonal parking in front of

27-29 Boardman Street.

#15 CC September 30, 2003


Recommend deny


9.       Petition of Joseph F. Borbone, Director of Traffic Engineering request to modify the parking restrictions on Goldsberry Street, near the Police Headquarters, to allow unlimited parking on both sides of street from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and No Parking Tow Zone from

          11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

          #18 CC April 27, 2004


Recommend approval





10.     Petition of Alexandra Xanthopoulos request removal of “No Parking” signs in front of 123 Plantation Street.

          #11 CC February 24, 2004


Recommend approval


11.     Petition of Councillor Philip Palmieri request No Parking at 123 Lake Avenue seven feet from driveway in a northerly direction.

          #15a CC May 11, 2004


Recommend approval


12.     Petition of Councillor Joseph Petty request No Parking on both sides of driveway at 123 Lake Avenue.

          #39a CC June 22, 2004


Recommend file





13.     Petition of Mayor Timothy P. Murray on behalf of Dora Henry request “Go Slow” signs and handicap/wheelchair signs at 11 Shirley Street.

          #53 CC November 18, 2003


Recommend file – Petition filed for sidewalk repair odd numbered side of Shirley St. between Park Ave. and Florence St.


14.     Petition of Mayor Timothy P. Murray and Councillor Thomas P. White on behalf of William Fleming request posted speed limit signs on Holden Street between Ararat Street and Shore Drive.

          #11a CC May 18, 2004


Recommend approval - Thickly Settled with 30 MPH signs


15.     Petition of Mary Hunter request Blind Child sign on McKinley Road and Ashton Street.

          #8 CC February 3, 2004


Recommend approval


15a.   Petition of Edward Sullivan request “Not a Truck Route” sign for Brattle Street at fork of Holden and Brattle Streets.  Also, a directional sign at the intersection of Ararat and Brattle Streets stating Holden on Left.  Also, a directional sign at the intersection of Holden and Brattle Streets for directions to Holden and “No Trucks on Brattle St.”

          #16 CC January 13, 2004


Recommend approval – Signs on Holden St. that Ararat St. is not a truck route & signs indicating that Holden St. is the best route to

the Town of Holden.


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration provide enforcement of truck restriction on Ararat St.


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration to install signage on Ararat St. directing drivers heading to the Town of Holden to take a left on Brattle St. then a right onto Holden St.




16.     Petition of Mary Hunter request chirping light signal at the crosswalk on Lincoln Street near McKinley Road.

          #7 CC February 3, 2004


Recommend approval


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration  provide a timetable for installation of chirping light signal at crosswalk on Lincoln St. near McKinley Rd. approved by the Traffic & Parking Committee, subject to funding.




17.     Petition of Monica Polanco request installation of a new crosswalk on Lincoln Street at the intersection of Green Hill Parkway.

          #26 CC December 16, 2003


Recommend approval


18.     Petition of Councillor Frederick C. Rushton request an appropriate caution sign and/or crosswalk from Union Station to all adjoining parking lots.

          #12 CC February 24, 2004


Recommend file


19.     Petition of Councillor Michael C. Perotto request crosswalk at the corner of Putnam Lane and Shrewsbury Street.

          #12c CC May 4, 2004


Recommend file