SEPTEMBER 16, 2003


Convened: 6:02 p.m.

Adjourned: 7:02 p.m.


Present were:      Chairperson Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr.

                             Councillor Barbara G. Haller

                             Councillor Dennis L. Irish

                             Councillor Stephen G. Abraham

                             Councillor Philip P. Palmieri


Also:                    City Manager Thomas R. Hoover

                             Public Works Commissioner Robert L. Moylan

                             Chief Development Officer Philip J. Niddrie

                             Director of Traffic Engineering Joseph Borbone

                             Traffic Engineering Staffperson Jim Pacenka

                             Special Project Manager Stephen F. O’Neil

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk






          Petitioner                                    Location                             Date


1.         James Whalen                           37 Woodford St.             #18 CC  11/26/02

          In Committee July 24, 2003 – Held

Recommend Hold and Re-Notify for installation of HP space in front of #38.


2.       Jean Cruz                                 Across 58 Houghton St.  #8 CC  1/28/03

          In Committee July 24, 2003 – Held

Recommend Approval


3.       Councillor Haller on behalf        121 Perry Ave.                #19 CC  1/7/03

          of Joan Kalinowski

Recommend Approval


4.       Councillor Haller on behalf        33 Camp St.                    #19b CC  11/26/02

          of Peter Suchocki 

Recommend Approval


5.       Mary M Murphy                       23 Hitchcock Rd.            #9 CC  3/4/03

Recommend Approval


6.       Leone Milan                              112 Stanton St.               #20 CC 5/13/03

Recommend Hold

(for View by Administration: Re-Notify of new meeting date)


7.       Michael Robinson on behalf      Bridgeport St. side          #11 CC  3/11/03

          Angelina Braconnier                  of 90-92 Granite St.                 

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


8.       Communication of the City Manager relative to temporary entrance to Union Station from Washington Square.

          #23N CM  September 9, 2003


1.     James O’Brien, Esq, Attorney for Union Station, The Restaurant, resident 20 Manhattan Road, Worcester

2.     Joseph Petrou, 7 Smith Lane, Shrewsbury

3.     Norton Remmer, PE for Union Station, The Restaurant, resident 46 Oak Knoll, Worcester


Recommend Approval of Traffic Configuration “A” on a roll call of 2-1 with Clancy dissenting, with the Administration reporting to City Council after forty-five days of the implementation of the re-configuration. (Taken under SR in City Council September 16, 2003)