JULY 24, 2003


6:00 P.M



Convened:  6:02 P.M.

Adjourned: 7:50 P.M.


Present:      Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr., Chairman

                   Councillor Dennis Irish

                   Councillor Barbara Haller

                   Joseph Borbone, Director, Traffic Engineering

                   Jim Pacenka, Traffic Engineering

                   Philip Niddrie, Economic Development Director

                   Mary Babbidge, Asst. City Clerk





          Petitioner                      Location                                  Date 


1.       Iris Andino                      26 Channing St.                         #16 CC  10/8/02


Recommend leave to withdraw


2.       Yefim Pozdniakov           11 Edwidge St.                          #12 CC  11/19/02


Recommend leave to withdraw


3.       Dominic Guiliani et al       17 Creston St.                          #13 CC  11/19/02


Recommend approve


4.       Karl Spears                     7 King Philip Rd.                       #14 CC  11/19/02


Recommend leave to withdraw


5.       Helen Frye                      71 Hollis St.                              #16 CC  11/26/02


Recommend approve


6.       James Whalen                 37 Woodford St.                       #18 CC  11/26/02


Recommend Hold


7.       Donna Clemow on           7 Russell St.                              #19 CC  11/26/02

          behalf of Rebecca Dupuis


Recommend approval based on final documentation


8.       Wayne Pulsifer                35 Upsala St.                            #11 CC  12/17/02


Recommend approve


9.       Mary Covotta                  Moved closer to 6 Eastham       #13 CC  1/7/03

St. from 343 Hamilton St.

Since I have moved to new

Address next door approx.

20-30 ft.


Recommend approve


10.     Alonzo E. Searles            92 Ward St.                              #18 CC  1/7/03


Recommend approve


11.     Councillor Michael C.      21 Sterling St.                           #10c CC 1/14/03

Perotto on behalf of

Patrick Welch


Recommend approve


12.     Antonio Rivera                30 Channing St.                         #9 CC  1/21/03


Recommend leave to withdraw


13.     Jean Cruz              Across from 58 Houghton St.             #8 CC  1/28/03




14.     Louise Godin                  45 Arlington St.                         #10 CC  2/4/03

In Committee May 15, 2003 Held   Amend Petition to read 45 Arlington St. from 48 Arlington.


Recommend approve



15.     Charles Pardee                51 Beaver St.                            #9 CC  2/4/03


Recommend approve


16.     Jacques Poulin                55 Merrifield St.                        #8 CC  2/11/02


Recommend approve


17.     Maritza Velazquez           34 Newbury St. (Remove)       

                                                81 Russell St. (Install)

          In Committee May 15, 2003 Amend Petition to read 81 Russell St. from 78 Russell St.


Recommend approve


18.     Peter Trayers, Area Dir.   40 Southbridge St. (sufficient      #9 CC  2/25/03

Dept. of Mental               parking as required by law to

Retardation                     accommodate tenants & their



Recommend approve one space at northern most neck down


19.     Daniel Vasquez               5 Maple Tree Lane (Remove      #11 CC  3/18/03

                                                or Relocate)


Recommend deny


20.     Ovila Baillargeon             40 Esther St.                               #11 CC  4/1/03


Recommend approve


21.     Anne T. Skrocki              Next to driveway, past blind         #22 CC  5/13/03

                                                corner at 24 Cohasset St.

Recommend approve



22.     Councillor Philip P.                   Extension of handicap parking   #24a CC  5/13/03

          Palmieri                           to another space 14 Ayrshire Rd.


Recommend approve




23.     Nancy Chosta et al request parking ban on Tupelo Rd.

#14 CC  October 8, 2002



Angela Clemens, 15 Tupelo Rd.

Craig Lesley, 6 Tupelo Rd.

Nancy Chosta, 5 Tupelo Rd.


Chairman’s Order – Request City Manager report on refusal of Police Officer to tag car blocking 5 Tupelo Rd. and further, to report as to the  general policy of the Police Department relative to  cars blocking legal driveways.


Recommend file


24.     Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr. request No Parking on the odd side of Forsberg St. from Evelyn St. to Greenwood St.

#20 CC  April 29, 2003


Recommend approve No Parking south side Victoria Ave. to driveway to Park, June 1st thru September 1st, 24 hours


25.     William Randall, ABG Realty request three 15 minute parking signs in front of store fronts on Grand St.

          #17 CC  April 29, 2003


Recommend leave to withdraw






          Petitioner                                Location                                  Date 



26.     Alfred Gendron, Jr. &               Remove 2 poles front of           #9 CC  1/28/03

Winifred Gendron                     25 Delawanda Dr.


Recommend approve


27.     Margaret Odei                           32 Bellevue St. (Remove)         #10 CC  2/25/03


Recommend approve


28.     Evelyn Cardona                         11 Stoneland Rd. (Remove)     #9 CC  3/18/03


Recommend file


29.     Edith Ricci                                27 Forbes St. (Remove)           #11 CC  4/8/03


Recommend approve


30.     Mary Halley et al                       Bellevue St. (Remove)              #12 CC  4/8/03


Recommend file – Same as #27


31.     Francis J. Caffone                     61 Merrifield St. (Remove)       #24 CC  5/13/03


Recommend approve


32.     Vilma Rodriguez                       93 Sterling St. (Remove)            #9 CC  5/20/03


Recommend approve


33.     Winthrop Beam                         110 Delmont Ave.  (Remove)    #12 CC  6/3/03


Recommend approve




34.     Carla Bartulis, et al 1050 Main St. Crime Watch request crosswalk at 24 Mill St.

          #14 CC  June 10, 2003


Recommend file


35.     Carla Bartulis, et al 1050 Main St. Crime Watch request the repainting of crosswalk at Webster Square.

#13 CC  June 10, 2003


Recommend file


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration provide an update on painting of crosswalks and installation of signage.




36.     Robert F. Rano request stop sign at corner of Sever St. and Cedar St.

#37 CC  September 24, 2002


Councillor Irish recused


Recommend file


37.     Robert F. Rano request stop sign at corner of Merrick St. and Cedar St.

#38 CC  September 24, 2002


Councillor Irish recused


Recommend approve


38.     Joe Aromando request stop sign at the intersection of Fairmont Ave. & Bedford Ave.

#22 CC  April 30, 2002

In Committee August 13, 2002 - Held

In Committee October 28, 2002 – Held


Recommend file


39.     Mayor Timothy P. Murray and Councillor Stephen T. Patton on behalf of Melanie Willett request 4-way stop sign at intersection of Fairhaven Rd. and Burncoat St.

#33 CC  June 11, 2002

In Committee February 26, 2003 – Held

In Committee May 29, 2003 - Held


Speakers:  William Burnash, 178 Fairhaven Rd.

                    Dave Willett, 166 Fairhaven Rd.

                    Melanie Willett, 166 Fairhaven Rd.


Recommend File

Chairman’s Order Request installation of Stop Ahead signs, enforcement and speed monitor on Fairhaven Rd.




40.     Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr. request Caution Children signs on Standish St. between Grafton St. and Massasoit Rd.

          #10 CC  May 6, 2003


Recommend approve




41.     Kimberly Plourde request Deaf Child sign on Tyson Road.

          #14 CC  April 15, 2003


Recommend deny – private street


42.     Kelly Berthiaume request two Deaf Child signs on Kosta St.

          #15 CC  April 29, 2003


Speaker:  Kelly Berthiaume, 29 Kosta St.


Recommend approve


43.     Maria Spitaels request Pedestrian Walkway sign at corner of College St and Boyden St.

#14 CC  April 29, 2003


Recommend approve




44.     Dwayne Watson et al request installation of a traffic light at the corner of Marble and Main St.

#12 CC  April 9, 2002



Ms. Brooks, 11 Marble St.

Frank Barnes, 11 Marble St.

Jacquelyn Morgan, 11 Marble St.


Recommend approve


45.     Councillor Stephen T. Patton and Mayor Timothy P. Murray request traffic signal at corner of Grove St. and Chester St.

#19a CC  April 23, 2002


Recommend deny


46.     Winona Rondeau et al request traffic light at 425 Pleasant St.

#15 CC  May 14, 2002


Recommend file


47.     Councillor Stephen G. Abraham on behalf of John Carnegie request review & possible adjustment of traffic signals at Chandler & Pleasant Sts. and Chandler & Mill Sts.

          #9a CC  May 20, 2003


Speaker:  John Carnegie, 3 Sorrento Rd.


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration respond to concept of developing

a pilot program to help the city generate more traffic studies.


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration consider a partnership with area colleges and universities to review new traffic technologies and trends.


Recommend file


48.     Marvin Konigsburg et al  request the traffic light at the Main & King St. intersection be reactivated.

          #14 CC  June 17, 2003


Recommend file




49.     Christine Francoeur request a road mirror on North Lake Ave. across from 4 Nana Trail to assist vehicle traffic with blind driveway and neighborhood traffic entering/exiting Nana Trail and adjoining Natural History Drive.

#22 CC  September 24, 2002

In Committee May 15, 2003 - Held


Recommend file


50.     Order – Mayor Murray - Request Traffic & Parking Committee to consider requesting the Off-Street Parking Board to fund the cost of making Pearl St. a two-way street.

#13pCC March 4, 2003


Recommend file




51.     Relative to abandoned vehicle report status.

          #24D CM  April 29, 2003


Recommend file


52.     Relative to regulations regarding commercial trucks parking on arterial streets.

          #15A CM  May 20, 2003


Recommend file


53.     Relative to Blockbuster Video on West Boylston St.

          #19E CM  May 20, 2003


Recommend file


54.     Relative to placing turn signal at intersection of May St. and Park Ave.

          #23C CM  June 17, 2003


Recommend file


55.     Relative to placing school zone signage around North High School.

          #23A CM  June 17, 2003


Recommend file


DISCUSSION ITEM – Review of Hope Ave. and Webster St. intersection to determine if a 3-way stop will be more effective than the current stop and yield signs.


DISCUSSION ITEM - Communication relative to the Ramp Removal Agreement by and between Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and the City of Worcester.