AUGUST 26, 2002


6:00 P.M.


                                                                             Convened:  6:06 P.M.

                                                                             Adjourned:  8:34 P.M.



Present:  Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr., Chairman

                Councillor Dennis Irish

                Councillor Barbara Haller

                Joseph Borbone, Director, Traffic Engineering

                Captain Ash, Police Department

                James Pacenka, Traffic Engineering

                Mary G. Babbidge, Asst. City Clerk







          Petitioner                                Location                        Date


1.       Councillor Stephen G.              East Side of May St.       #11 CC 4/2/02

Abraham                                 Adjacent to Temple Emanuel

In Committee May 1, 2002 – held (amend petition to 5 handicap spaces)


Sid Levy, 31 Monroe Ave.

Neil Smith, 41 Barry Rd.


Approve 5 Handicap Spaces


2.       Councillor Barbara G.               36 Sigel St.                     #21 CC 6/25/02

          Haller on behalf of Irene Homrok




3.       Jennie M. Cicio                         15 Shamrock St.             #25 CC  6/11/02

          In Committee August 13, 2002 – held




Chairman’s Order – Request City Manager report on the saturation element of handicap parking.


4.       Albert Caloccia &                    18 Shamrock St.             #13c CC 5/7/02

          Frances Balcewicz

          In Committee August 13, 2002 – held


Tanya Rosinski, 16 Shamrock St.

Michael Goddard, 27 Shamrock St.




5.       Maria Cabrera on                      105 Sterling St.                #10 CC 4/9/02

          behalf of Marcelo Caderon

In Committee August 13, 2002 – held (amend petition to request one space in front of 105 Sterling St. not 115 Sterling St.)


Approve 105 Sterling St.




6.       Petition of Mihail Bocka request for the safety of pedestrians No Parking on Fourth St.

#12 CC  January 16, 2001


Larry Ellis, 31 Fourth St.

Joseph Zwirblia, 4 Fourth St.

Ricardo Pino, 66 Fourth St.

Hersh Verma, 59 Fourth St.

Patti  Geddes, 60 Fourth St.

Paul St. Germaine, 61 Fourth St.




Chairman’s Order – Request Police Department Traffic Division add

Fourth St. to list for periodic checks for speeding

7.       Petition of Councillor Stephen T. Patton request that a “No Parking Anytime” zone be installed in the public portion of West Chester St.

#31 CC  September 4, 2001  (Amend to Monday thru Friday)


Kevin Adams, 41 West Chester St.

Irena Stumbras, 39 West Chester St.




Chairman’s Order – Request  City Manager provide width and length of West Chester St., public portion and portion to be made public.


8.       Petition of Richard Gemme request “No Parking” sign near my driveway at 90 Ingleside Ave.

#10 CC  February 26, 2002




9.       Petition of Walter Antul request a “No Parking on School Days” sign from #11 to #23 Ladybank Rd.

#21 CC  September 25, 2001

In Committee May 1, 2002 – held


Walter Antul, 27 Park Villa Ave.

Maria Schupp, Principal, Norrback School, 26 Ladyslipper Dr., Shrews.

Susan Sacco, 1 Ladybank Rd.

Kelly Smith, 88 Brandon Rd.

Lisa Montague, 51 Idalla Rd.

Bob Sacco, 1 Ladybank Rd.

Richard Burns, 7 Ladybank Rd.

John Riccio, Asst. Principal, Norrback School,  57 Fales St.


Approve No Parking School Days, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. odd side, approx. 80 ft. from  walkway to center of #13



10.     Petition of Councillor Philip P. Palmieri request No Parking signs from 11:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. from corner of Gorham St. and Lincoln St. to Expressway.

#13d CC  May 7, 2002


Nancy Haig, 349 Lincoln St.

Mary O’Leary, 355 Lincoln St.


Approve No Parking 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. odd numbered side




11.     Petition of Dolores Skonieczny et al request 24 hour parking on odd numbered side of King Philip Rd. only from Leeds St. to West Boylston St.

#9 CC  April 2, 2002


Wayne Armstrong, 43 King Philip Rd.

Edith Davidson, 11 King Philip Rd.

Mr. Fitzgerald, 27 King Philip Rd.

Dolores Skonieczny, 42 King Philip Rd.

Arthur Milosh, 16 King Philip Rd.

Marion Yagoobian, 48 King Philip Rd.

Bernard Gleason, 35 King Philip Rd.

Doug Guertin, 35 King Philip Rd.

Sandra, Milosh, 16 King Philip Rd.




Chairman’s Order – Request report from Police & Fire Departments relative to number of instances in the past 24 months where they were unable to pass on King Philip Rd.





          Petitioner                      Location                                  Date


12.     Roberta Union et al         Old English Rd.                        #11 CC 4/9/02


Mark Bilotta, Assumption College




13.     Petition of Philip & Jane Shea request Resident Only Parking or No Parking from 129 College St. to Dutton St.

#28 CC 6/11/02


Jane Shea, 129 College St.


Amend Petition to resident parking from Dutton St. to City View St.


Hold – First Item of Business next meeting






14.     Petition of John F. Sullivan request to have No Parking signs put in front of my driveway and front garages at 75 Ward St.

          #20 CC January 15, 2002

          In Committee May 1, 2002 – held


John Sullivan, 26 Sherburne Ave.




15.     Petition of Councillor Barbara G. Haller on behalf of Claude Dorman and Kunigunde Cigan-Dorman request monitoring and enforcement of city parking regulations on the corner of West St. and William St., to include a report on findings.

#17 CC  June 25, 2002






16.     Petition of Paul & Maureen McNeil et al request a four way stop sign or blinking yellow light at corner of Airport Dr. and Prouty Lane.

#19 CC  March 20, 2001


Maureen McNeil, 50 Prouty Lane


Hold – Second Item of Business next meeting


Chairman’s Order – Request City Manager report on the feasibility of

making Prouty Lane one-way and whether Prouty Lane could

accommodate a small roundabout as a traffic calming device.


17.     Petition of Paula Ventriglia et al request badly needed stop signs & traffic lights on Hamilton St., from Commonwealth Ave. to Coburn Ave.

#16 CC  September 25, 2001




Chairman’s Order – Request Commissioner of Public Works install

Thickly Settled with 30 MPH signs on Hamilton St. between Harold St.

and Boston Ave.


18.     Petition of Councillor Stephen G. Abraham request the installation of four-way stop signs at the intersection of Lovell, Englewood and Maywood Streets.

#14 CC  February 12, 2002




19.     Petition of Joanne Malone et al request stop signs on Keene St. at the intersection of Montello St.

#20 CC  April 30, 2002


Approve Stop sign on Keene St.


20.     Petition of Walter P. Antul request stop sign on Park Villa Ave. at Ladybank Rd.

#21CC  April 30, 2002




21.     Petition of Eric W. Lind request stop sign at the end of I-190 Access Road and the beginning of Hockanum Way.

#13 CC  May 7, 2002




Chairman’s Order – Request Commissioner of Public Works install Thickly Settled with 30 MPH signs at the end of I-190 Access Rd. and the beginning of Hockanum Way and also at Hockanum Way north of Indian Hill Rd.




22.     Petition of Councillor Stephen G. Abraham request installation of a pedestrian walk light across Main St. at the intersection with Exchange St. because of the high amount of foot traffic.

#21 CC  November 14, 2000




23.     Petition of Raquel Rivera request installation of a traffic light and/or crosswalk at the intersection of Lovell St. and Chandler St. for protection of children/students.

#35 CC  November 21, 2000


Raquel Rivera, 330 Chandler St.




Chairman’s Order – Request Commissioner of Public Works install  pedestrian delineators at the intersection of Lovell St. and Chandler St., subject to funding.



24.     Petition of Robert & Paula Wisell request a traffic light at the intersection of June St. and Mill St. or at least a No Left Turn sign.

#16 CC  March 20, 2001


Approve traffic light – put on list, pending funding




25.     Petition of Frances Grigas request Traffic Engineer to investigate the dangerous traffic situation in front of 118 Commonwealth Ave.

#18 CC  September 25, 2001




Chairman’s Order – Request Commissioner of Public Works improve signage and pavement markings in the area of 118 Commonwealth Ave.


26.     Petition of Mayor Timothy P. Murray request establishment of a right turn only lane on Lincoln St. going north where it intersects with Catharine St.

#8 CC  December 18, 2001