MARCH 20, 2002

Convened: 6:59 p.m.

Adjourned: 7:55 p.m.



Present were:                Chairperson Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr.

                                      Councillor Dennis L. Irish

                             Councillor Barbara G. Haller


Also:                              Director of Traffic Engineering Joseph Borbone

                                      WPD Captain Robert Rich

                                      City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk                           




1.                 Review of Department of Public Works –Traffic & Parking Manual

Recommend Hold for the next meeting for review


          SPEED HUMPS


          Petitioner                                          Location                                  Date


2.       Councillor John Finnegan et al             Coolidge Rd.                            #68 CC  8/17/99

Recommend File


3.       Councillor John Finnegan                    Copperfield Rd.                        #70 CC  8/17/99

Recommend File


4.       Councillor John Finnegan on               37 Hadwen Lane                       #71 CC  8/17/99

          behalf of John Auble

Recommend File


5.       Councillor Janice L. Nadeau                Hackfeld Rd.                            #34 CC  9/7/99

          on behalf of Hackfeld Rd. Residents

Recommend File


6.       Councillor John F. Finnegan on          Coolidge Rd.                          #22 CC  9/21/99

          behalf of Kevin & Catherine

          McCormack et al

Recommend File


7.       Councillor John Finnegan on behalf     Aylesbury Rd.                          #35 CC  11/9/99

          of Andrew & Lisa Freilich et al

Recommend File


8.       David Dick Jr. et al                             Thorndyke Rd.                         #14 CC  1/11/00

Recommend File


9.       Councillor Stephen  T. Patton on        Thornton Rd.                           #7 CC  2/8/00

          behalf of Nicholas Pellegrino

Recommend File


10.     Ralph Cobb                                       Manomet & Lakewood Sts.      #17 CC  3/14/00

                                                                   Elmer & Lakewood Sts.

                                                                   Lakewood St. at the houses on

                                                                   the right side on hillside.

Recommend File


11.     John Campanale                                 729 & 769 Franklin St.              #11 CC  4/4/00

Recommend File


12.     Mayor Raymond V.  Mariano on         Winifred Ave.                           #12 CC  5/2/00

          behalf of Christopher & Eleanor


Recommend File


13.     Wilfred & Theresa Belair                    Tacoma St.                               #14 CC  5/23/00

Recommend File


14.     Angela D. Dyer et al                            Mason St.                                #12 CC  5/30/00

Recommend File


15.     Debra Comtois Davis                         Lovell St. vicinity of                  #24 CC  7/11/00

                                                                   Columbus Park School

Recommend File


16.     Mayor Raymond V. Mariano on          Prudential Rd.                          #33d CC  7/11/00

          behalf of Leonard Ramsdell

Recommend File


17.     Courtney Desrosiers                           37 Davidson Rd.                      #60 CC  8/22/00

Recommend File


18.     Tony Irving                                        Herbert St. which becomes      #18 CC  9/26/00

                                                                   Hadwen Lane

Recommend File


19.     Robert Hemenway                              Barry Rd. & Toronita Ave.      #20 CC  9/26/00

Recommend File


20.     Councillor Joseph M. Petty on behalf  Proctor St. public portion        #17 CC  10/10/00

          Donna Hirons

Recommend File


21.     Councillor Stephen Patton                  Thornton Rd.                          #19d CC  10/10/00

Recommend File


22.     Mayor Raymond V. Mariano on          Crowningshield Rd.                #7 CC  11/21/00

          behalf  of William Akasten et al

Recommend File


23.     Councillor Paul P. Clancy Jr. on          Commonwealth Ave.               #9 CC  2/13/01

          behalf of Francis Grigas

Recommend File


24.     Ed Weldon Jr.                                    Timrod Dr.                             #16 CC  5/1/01

Recommend File


25.     Petition of David McMahon et al request speed bumps on Richards St. and change Richards St. to a one-way street eastbound.

          #12 CC March 27, 2001

Recommend File


26.     Petition of Robert Hiser et al request speed humps on Idalla Rd. and Idalla Ave.

          #65 CC   July 17, 2001

Recommend File


Chairman’s Order request the City Manager provide the City Council with a dateline when

the Great and General Court might enact previously requested legislation authorizing the

installation of speed humps in the public ways.


26a.   Communication of the City Manager transmitting communication relative to Legislation – Speed Humps.

          #16B CM  March 19, 2002

Recommend File




27.   Petition of Councillor Konstantina B. Lukes on behalf of Paul Nagle request handicap parking in front of  51 Perry Ave.

          #17b CC  November 13, 2001

          In Committee February 27, 2002 – Held

Recommend Hold


28.     Petition of Stevenson Vo request resident parking on Hillside St.                  

          #12 CC  February 5, 2002

Recommend Deny


29.     Petition of Councillor Paul P. Clancy Jr. on behalf of Robert McGinn request resident parking on Westminster St. from Forestdale Rd. to Northampton St.

          #18 CC  December 4, 2001

Recommend Hold


30.     Report of the Committee on Traffic and Parking upon the petition of Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr. on behalf of Theresa Marczewski request residential parking program on West Upsala St.

#356 CC  January 8, 2002 Recommitted to Traffic & Parking Committee

Recommend Deny


31.     Petition of Councillor Juan A. Gomez on behalf of Mr. & Mrs. Juan Lopez request William St. be converted to resident parking.

          #11b CC  January 29, 2002

Recommend Approval on William Street from North Ashland Street to Linden Street 24-7


32.     Petition of Juan Lopez Velez et al request resident parking at 12 William St. extending from William St. and Linden St. to the parking lot that extends from the side of 12 William St.

#15 CC  February 12, 2002

Recommend File



33.     Petition of Sophie Allia et al request Traffic & Parking Committee review the St. Nicholas Ave. and Clark St. location for safety improvements.

          #18 CC  October 2, 2001

Recommend Install “Intersection Ahead”, “30 MPH” and “Thickly Settled” signage in St.

Nicholas Avenue.


34.     Petition of Councillor Stephen Patton on behalf of John Atlas request no left turn from Chester St. onto Parkton Ave. from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

          #13a CC March 13, 2001

          In Committee - February 27, 2002 – held

Recommend Hold