DECEMBER 17, 2001


Convened: 6:00 p.m.

Adjourned: 7:40 p.m.


Present were:      Chairman Councillor Timothy P. Murray

                             Councillor Janice l. Nadeau


Also:                     Administrator of Traffic Engineering Joseph Borbone

                             Traffic Engineering staff James Pacenka

City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk




                Petitioner                                          Location                                  Date


1.       Teri S. Gibbs                                     7 Derby St.                               #52 CC  7/17/01

Recommend Approval


2.       Robert Perry                                      Next to bus stop on                  #66 CC  7/17/01

                                                                   Haven Lane

Recommend Approval


3.       Daniel Rugg                                       Front of 84 Haven Lane            #55 CC 8/21/01

Recommend Approval


4.       Catherine Rivera on behalf of              Front of 20 Lake View St.         #62 CC 8/21/01

          Maud Fugere

Recommend Leave to Withdraw as it is a private street


5.       Milton Nickerson                                24 Hollywood St.                      #27 CC 9/4/01

Recommend Approval for in front of 21 Hollywood Street


6.       Paul Cardone                                     67 Catharine St.                        #26 CC 9/4/01


Recommend Removal of the existing space


7.       Mrs. John O'Leary                              27 Hemans St.                          #28 CC 9/4/01

Recommend Approval


8.       Donna Pella                                        Across from 201 Dana Ave.      #30 CC 9/4/01

Recommend Approval across the street in front of light pole #26


9.       Elaine  Olson                                      6 Montrose St.                          #25 CC 9/18/01

Recommend Approval


10.     Gladys Going                                     37 Plantation St.                        #27 CC 9/18/01


Recommend File  - 90 Day trial  over                         


11.     Patricia Hawkins et al                          Move from #21 North               #31 CC 9/18/01    

                                                                   Woodford St. to #20

Recommend Move space to in front of #20



12.     John Pagonis                                      83 Russell St.                           #23 CC 9/25/01

Recommend Approval


13.     Patricia Matyuf                                   28 Esther St.                             #16 CC 10/2/01

Recommend Approval


14.     Kevin Johnson                                    51 May St.                                #13 CC  10/2/01

Recommend Approval for space in Clifton Street beginning 17 feet from corner


15.     Konstantinos Drosidis                        Move from 24 St. Elmo Rd.      #14 CC  10/2/01

                                                                   to 783 Pleasant St.

Recommend Move from in front of 24 St. Elmo Road to in front of 783 Pleasant Street


16.     Barbara Lamonica                              Front of 137 Providence St.      #15 CC 10/16/01


Recommend Approval of an additional space


17.     Councillor Murray on behalf of           Pattison St. (Corner Vernon &  #17 CC 10/16/01

          Yvonne Ustinovich                                       Pattison Sts.)

Recommend Approval


18.     Henry Barry Jr.                                   Front 79 Haven Lane                 #12 CC 10/23/01

Recommend Approval


19.     Mary Thorpe                                      Across from 22 Sturgis St.        #13 CC  10/23/01


Recommend Remove


20.     Kenneth W. Lippe Sr.                         Front of 37 Providence St.        #14 CC  10/23/01

Recommend File - Already in place

21.     Jose Diaz                                           4 Lakeside Ave. #2                   #17 CC  10/23/01

Recommend Approval


22.     Wayne Kalio                                      11 Moen St.                              #14 CC  11/27/01

Recommend Approval




23.     Pamela Dumas Herbin request residential parking be removed from 89 Endicott St.

          #67 CC July 17, 2001

Recommend Leave to Withdraw

Chairman’s Order request the Police Chief enforce the Residential Parking zone between Endicott Street and Ward Street.


          Petitioner                                          Location                                  Date


24.     Susan Shahbazi                                  Hooper St.                               #24 CC 9/4/01

Recommend Hold


25.     Nataria English                                   Portland St. for residents of      #29 CC 9/4/01

                                                                   50 Franklin St.                                                      

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


26.     Councillor Paul Clancy Jr. on behalf    West Upsala St.                        #33 CC 9/4/01

          Theresa Marczewski

Recommend File


27.     Councillor Stephen Abraham              Front of 8 Tallawanda Dr.         #34d CC 9/4/01

Recommend File

Chairman’s Order request the City Clerk review the purpose of the Residential Parking Program with Council members.



28.     Brenda Hughes                                   Cottage St.                               #26 CC 9/18/01

Recommend File


29.     June Magnuson et al                           Odd Numbered Side of             #28 CC 9/18/01

                                                                   Sterling St. between

                                                                   Alpine & Seymour Sts.

Recommend File


30.     Charles Pardee et al                            Berkmans St. from June St.       #19 CC 9/25/01

                                                                   to corner of Brownell/Lovell


Recommend File


31.     Mary Collins                                      Lovell St. between Chandler &  #18 CC 10/23/01

                                                                   Carlisle Sts.

Recommend Approval in Lovell Street from lot line of 377 Chandler Street to the corner

Carlisle Street.


32.     Councillor Stephen Abraham request removal of No Parking sign in front of 31 Claridge Dr. and replacing it with resident parking only.

          #16 CC  October 16, 2001

Recommend File




          Petitioner                                          Location                                           Date


33.     Patricia Hawkins et al                          Lift Winter Parking Ban on                  #32 CC 9/18/01

                                                                   North Woodford St.       

Recommend File


34.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray & Councillor Michael C. Perotto on behalf of Margaret Lucci request to reverse winter parking ban on Green Hill Parkway west of Paine St.

          #14a CC  October 30, 2001

Recommend Approval


35.     Christopher & Kate Robinson et al request to allow parking on both sides of Tallawanda Dr. throughout the calendar year, henceforth making the street exempt from the winter parking ban.

          #16 CC  November 20, 2001

Recommend Reverse the winter parking ban on Tallawanda Drive from Delawanda Drive to

Brookline Street.




36.     Michael Murphy, Deputy Director for Administration, Worcester Housing Authority request removal of a portion of the No Parking Zone on the south side of Lakeside Ave. in the vicinity of the WHA Office at 30 Lakeside Ave. and in place, thereof request the installation of two handicap parking spaces and six 1-hour parking spaces.

          #11 CC January 30, 2001

Recommend 3 different one hour spaces and handicapped spaces


37.     Charles Flanagan, Pres., Worcester Manufacturing, Inc. et al request to restrict parking on the west side of Crescent St. for the 550' between the No Parking Zone south of Henchman St. and the No Parking Zone 550' north of Henchman St.  Also to replace missing No Parking signs along the length of Crescent St.

          #53 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Approval


38.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray on behalf of Raquel Rivera request bus stop in front of 330 Chandler St. be relocated.

          #61 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Move bus stop to in front of light pole #10 in front of parking lot


39.     Angelo Villani request to relocate the newly erected bus stop sign 300-400 ft west of the front of my building located at 257 Chandler St.

          #64 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Move to the northeast corner of Abbott Street in front of parking lot


40.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray request No Parking signs be placed in front of 4 Richmond Ave.

          #63 CC  August 21, 2001

Recommend Hold


41.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray on behalf of Bartholomew Simone request No Parking sign in front of 8 East Park Terrace to corner so as to allow vehicles to make turn.

          #34a CC  September 4, 2001

Recommend Approval


42.     Esther Leavitt et al request to provide "No Parking Anytime" on both sides of Pleasant St. for a distance of 100 ft. east and west of  Flagg and South Flagg St.

#33 CC September 18, 2001

Recommend File


43.     Councillor Murray on behalf of Andrew Early request 15 Minute parking in front of 536 Park Ave.

          #15 CC  November 13, 2001

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


44.     Mary MacInnes, Administrator, Worcester Regional Transit Authority request that the current bus stop, located on the east side of West Boylston St. near the southerly side of the bridge over Neponset St. be moved to approximately 60' north of the Neponset St. entrance on West Boylston St.

          #15 CC  December 4, 2001

Recommend Approval


45.     Mary MacInnes, Administrator, Worcester Regional Transit Authority request that a bus stop be placed on the easterly side of Neponset St.

          #16 CC  December 4, 2001

Recommend Approval




46.     Councillor Michael C. Perotto on behalf of Rick Trifone request trailer truck restriction on Duxbury Rd.

#16a CC January 2, 2001

          In Committee June 20, 2001 – Held

Recommend File

Chairman’s Ordinance  No Parking Zone be installed


47.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray on behalf of David Libbey request Traffic Engineer to make recommendations regarding intersection of Pleasant and May Streets.

          #15 CC  May 8, 2001

Recommend File


48.     Ron D’Auteuil of Omni Services, Inc. request to install eight directional signs to their businesses located at 42 Harlow St.

          #27 CC  June 19, 2001

Recommend File


49.     Giovanni Dellostritto request Children sign at the corner of Kensington Heights & Kenilworth Rd.

          #54 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend File


50.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray request Crosswalk Ahead signs be posted on Hamilton St. where appropriate.

          #56 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Approval


51.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray request Yield to Crosswalk signs or posts be installed on Hamilton St. near Billings Square and Plantation & Division Sts.

          #57 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Approval


52.     Marilyn DiPasquale request speed limit signs be posted on right side of Sunderland Rd. from Grafton St. toward Massasoit Rd.

          #62 CC   July 17, 2001

Recommend Approval with at least one sign installed before Baldwin Street


53.     Marilyn DiPasquale request “Blind Driveway” sign be posted just before 209 Sunderland Rd.

          #63 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Approval


54.     Councillor Paul P. Clancy Jr. request speed limit sign on northbound section of Vernon St. prior to View St.

          #70 CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Approval

55.     Councillor Konstantina B. Lukes request enforcement and monitoring of First St. for speeding and volume of traffic.

          #70a CC  July 17, 2001

Recommend Approval


56.     Communication of the City Manager transmitting communication relative to traffic patrol on First St.

          #20B CM  August 21, 2001

Recommend File


57.     Ron Hidalgo, Operations Mgr., T.J. Maxx Distribution Center request No Parking signs be placed along the front of the T.J. Maxx Distribution Center at 135 Goddard Memorial Dr.

          #52 CC   August 21, 2001

Recommend File


58.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray on behalf of Richard Kilfoyle request establishment of bus stops for inbound & outbound service on Hospital Rd., 20’ from the corner of Belmont St. for the Route 24 bus.

          #57 CC  August 21, 2001

Recommend Approval 100 feet from Belmont Street


59.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray on behalf of Jeff Duclos request “Not a Cut Thru” sign be posted at corner of Winnipeg St. & Ballard St.

          #59 CC  August 21, 2001

Recommend Approval


60.     Melonie Alkhatib request Go Slow Children sign on Fielding St.

          #60 CC  August 21, 2001

Recommend File


61.     Cynthia Mellor on behalf of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Business Empowerment Center request No Parking, Drop-Off  Only sign on Dewey St., at main entrance of MLK Center.

          #61 CC  August 21, 2001

Recommend Approval of No Parking Anytime area


62.     Councillor Timothy P. Murray on behalf of Myrna & Harold Miller et al request "No Left Turn Between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM" at top of Mower St. and entrance to Baxter Rd. (except buses).

          #25 CC  September 4, 2001

Recommend Approval of No Left Turn eastbound, 7-9 AM except buses on Pleasant St. at Mower St. & Pleasant St. at Baxter Rd.


63.     Councillor Timothy Murray on behalf of Mary Ann Pokropowicz request Dead End sign be placed at the corner of Plantation St. and Plantation Terrace.

          #18b CC  October 23, 2001

Recommend Approval


64.     Bernadette Pinnataro request handicap parking in front of 27 Suffield St.

(90 Day Trial July 17, 2001- Petitioner request Leave to Withdraw)

Recommend Leave to Withdraw