MARCH 14, 2001


The Committee convened @ 6:10 P.M.

Recessed @ 7:08 P.M.

The Committee reconvened @ 7:30 P.M.

Adjourned: 9:00 P.M.


Present were:      Chairman Councillor Timothy P. Murray

                             Councillor Janice L. Nadeau

                             Councillor Konstantina B. Lukes

                             Councillor Michael C. Perotto


Also:                     DPW Commissioner Robert L. Moylan

                             Chief Development Officer Philip J. Niddrie

                             WRA Staffperson Cynthia Blondin

Traffic Administrator Joseph Borbone

                             Traffic Engineering Staffperson Ali Khoresani

                             DPW Staffperson Paul Carey

                             Police Captain Arthur Rose

                             Traffic Engineering Staffperson Jim Pacenka

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk                           




1.       Relative to a Final Review of the Washington Square Reconfiguration as performed by the Engineering Consultant URS Corporation.

#25K CM  February 27, 2001

Commissioner Moylan introduced Bill Gallagher from URS, consultant who delivered an in-depth description of their conclusions concerning the reconfiguration of Washington Square. Chairman’s Order Request the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works and the representatives of URS meet with the appropriate members of the local disabled community to fine tune the proposed roundabout concept for Washington Square. Chairman’s Resolution that the City Council endorses the concept of installing a roundabout at Washington Square in place of a rotary or four-way intersection. Chairman’s Order request the Administration consider the needs of the WRTA in any reconfiguration of Washington Square.


Speakers:   1. John Cronin, 20 Vinson Avenue, Worcester

                   2. Mark Mobilio, 36 Paxton Road, Holden and President of the Shrewsbury Street Merchants Association

                   3. Michael Galvin, 42 Standish Street, Worcester


Recommend Hold




          Petitioner                                          Location                                           Date


1.       Sophie Pendergast                              Remove 2 spaces                                #9 CC  12/5/00

                                                                   1 Ruth St.

Recommend Remove one HP space


2.       Ronald Hazen                                     12 Tatman St.                                     #10 CC 12/5/00

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


3.       Hysen Koka                                       6 Norman Ave.                                   #70 CC  12/12/00

          Recommitted to Traffic & Parking

          In Committee 11/20/00

Recommend Approval of one HP space in front of 6 Norman Avenue on roll call of 2-1 with
Chair in opposition


4.       Mayor Raymond V. Mariano on          2 Lenox St.                                         #8 CC 1/2/01

          behalf of Rhonda Conrad

Recommend Approval


5.       Theresa Kelley                                    64 Providence St.                               #12 CC 1/2/01

Recommend Approval


6.       Marion Moriarty                                 34 Florence St.                                   #14 CC  1/2/01

Recommend Approval


7.       Councillor Juan Gomez on behalf        51 & 53 Haven Lane                           #15 CC 1/2/01

          Joseph Cory

Recommend Approval of one space only


8.       Rosa Pomales                                    4 Home St.                                         #11 CC 1/16/01

Recommend Approval in front of 3 Home Street


9.       Rep. John Fresolo on behalf               17 Gordon St.                                    #13 CC  1/16/01

          Ralph & Josephine Pietro         

Recommend Approval


10.     Luz Cruz                                            2 Henchman St.                                  #14 CC  1/16/01

Recommend Approval across from 2 Henchman Street


11.     Elizabeth Johnson Tsang et al              Upsala Elder Apartments                     #10 CC  1/30/01

                                                                   36 Upsala St.

Recommend Deny
Chairman’ Ordinance Recommend Approval of one 2 hour space, 8AM to 8 PM, next to
bus stop.


12.     Councillor Michael C. Perotto on        2 Earle St.                                           #12 CC 1/30/01

          behalf of  Lorraine Fleming

Recommend Approval in front of 2 Earle Street


13.     Lorraine E. Fleming                            Earle St. by back door                        #22 CC  2/27/01

                                                                   at 15 Edward St.

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


14.     Sylvia Desautels                                  18 Plantation St.                                  #8 CC 2/6/01

Recommend Hold (petitioner cannot make meeting)


15.     Samia Daou                                        78 Seymour St.                                   #7 CC 2/13/01

Recommend Approval across from driveway @ #79 Seymour Street


16.     Vera Chakarian & Rosemary Sahogian          12 Denny St.                             #9a CC  2/13/01

Recommend Approval


17.     Louis Coates                                               Arlington St. across from          #17 CC  2/27/01

                                                                   the rear of 17 Winthrop St.

Recommend Approval on east side of Arlington Street





          Petitioner                                          Location                                            Date


18.     Sandra Katz, Property Mgr.                In front of 30-32 Cedar St.                  #9 CC    1/2/01

          Realty Systems Management               to the end of the corner at

                                                                   West St.

Recommend Deny


Chairman’s Ordinance to remove one-hour parking prohibition in area of 30-32 Cedar Street.


19.     Sandra Katz, Property Mgr.                Corner Austin & Irving Sts.                 #10 CC  1/2/01

          Realty Systems Management               to Oxford & Austin St.            

Recommend Deny


Chairman’s Order Recommend Rescind parking prohibition on south side of Austin Street  from Oxford Street easterly to Irving Street, 7 PM to 7 AM on a 90 day trial .




19a.   Councillor Janice L. Nadeau on behalf of Carlos Medero request Traffic Engineering review parking situation on Beacon St. between Lagrange & Oread St.


Suspension of Rules – Recommend the winter parking be reversed along the entire block.




20.     Relative to Lincoln Square – Phase II.

          #24Z CM  August 22, 2000

Recommend File


21.     Relative to pedestrian safety improvement on May St. near Big Y Supermarket.

          #24E CM  December 19, 2000

Recommend File


22.     Relative to winter storms – December 30-31, 2000 and January 5, 2001 – Report on Parking


          #24C CM   January 23, 2001

Recommend File


23.     Relative to enforcement of traffic speed limits on Brattle St.

          #20B CM  February 6, 2001

Recommend File


24.     Relative to enforcement of parking restrictions on McKeon Rd. between Cambridge St. and

           Riverside St.

          #20C CM  February 6, 2001

Recommend File





A.      97 Arthur St. (Relocated)

B.      31 Falmouth St. (Relocated)

C.      5 Lund St. – Both sides of the Street (Relocated) 

Recommend Approval



A.      Pearl St. – south side – near Main St. (To replace Handicap Parking on Pleasant St.)

Recommend Approval in place of one meter closest to Main Street on the north side of Pearl Street.


Chairman’s Order request the Traffic Engineer make a recommendation to the City Council in regards to the existing taxi stand on Mechanic Street near Main Street.




A.      Pleasant St. – south side – from Chestnut  St. to a pt. 145’ east of Clinton St. - 

          No Parking Anytime (Typo Last Meeting)

Recommend Approval




A.      Worcester Center Blvd. east side from Central St. to Thomas St.-30 Minute Parking Meters

           (To service stores on street level of new garage)

Recommend Approval


B.      Franklin St. south side from a pt. opposite the easterly property line of Exp. Lot “B” to

          Artic St. - 30 Minute Parking Meters  (New Kenmore Diner)

Recommend Approval


          NO TURN ON RED


A.      Front St. westbound into Main St.  (Conflict between motorists and pedestrians)

Recommend Approval