MAY 17, 2006


Convened: 6:07 P.M.

Adjourned: 8:07 P.M.



Present were:      Chairperson Councilor Paul P. Clancy, Jr.

                             Councilor Philip P. Palmieri

                             Councilor Joffrey A. Smith


Also:                    Commissioner of Public Works & Parks Robert L. Moylan, Jr.

Assistant Commissioner of Engineering Paul J. Moosey

Assistant Commissioner of Operations Matthew J. Labovites

                             DPW Senior Staff Assistant Staffperson Timothy Reiner

                             Assistant to the Commissioner of Special Projects Robert Fiore

Assistant City Clerk Susan M. Ledoux, clerk




1.       Petition of Gina Greenleaf et al request the City of Worcester relocate/alter the terminus of Russell Calvin Dr. so that Russell Calvin Dr. and Taj Dr. become a dead end and that traffic does not pass between these two streets.

          #59 CC November 1, 2005          

In Committee November 29, 2005 – Held

In Committee March 1, 2006 – Held


Speakers in Favor:

1.     Elaine Gardella, 5 Russell Calvin Dr.

2.     Gina & Michael Greenleaf, 4 Russell Calvin Dr.

3.     Edward Gardella, 5 Russell Calvin Dr.

4.     Tracy Thomasino, 3 Russell Calvin Dr.

5.     Bashkim Bajraktari, 10 Russell Calvin Dr.

6.     Paul Evangelidis, 2 Russell Calvin Dr.


Speakers opposed:

1.     Ralph Monfreda, 19 Russell Calvin Dr.

2.     Sarah Russell, 18 Russell Calvin Dr.

3.     Amanda Durkin, 11 Jasmine Dr.

4.     Joan Fitton, 2 Hibiscus Dr.

5.     Christopher Evans, 18 Russell Calvin Dr.

6.     Stephen Paulin, 4 Snowy Owl Dr.

7.     Oyediran Ajayi-Obe, 10 Azalea Dr.


Chairman’s Order request City Manager request City Solicitor to review a 2001 opinion of the Law Department relative to Winter Heights Subdivision in light of additional comment and evidence, and provide the City Council with an additional legal opinion.


Chairman’s Order request City Manager request the City Solicitor to review the documents received in Public Works Committee (Quitclaim Deed, Winter Heights Restrictions to the Deed and Winter Heights Subdivision Maintenance Trust & Exhibit F) and issue a legal opinion as to the right of way passage on Russell Calvin Dr. and, if a cul-de-sac was built, would it be contained within the Winter Heights Subdivision regulation for maintenance purposes.


Chairman’s Order request the Commissioner of Public Works and Parks to conduct a second traffic study for 2 to 3 days in the middle of Russell Calvin Dr.


Recommend Hold for a View – notify the neighborhood when view will take place.


2.       Communication of the City Manager relative to the city’s leaf composting operation.

#12C CM March 21, 2006



1.     Marshall Farmelant, 11 Gibbs St.

2.     Jane Petrella, 245 Greenwood St.

3.     Susan Kiely, 25 Gibbs St.

4.     William Miley, 20 Blackstone River Rd.

5.     Douglas Johnson, 11 Gibbs St. #13


Recommend to Accept recommendation of the Commissioner of Public Works & Parks to relocate the Hope Cemetery composting operation to the former Ballard Street Landfill and further, request that the necessary work with the DEP to expand this existing composting site begin immediately.


3.       Petition of Angelo Scola for an extension of the sewer and drainage on Drexel Street.

# 9 CC May 9, 2006


Recommend Approval subject to prior agreement


4.       Communication of the City Manager requesting City Council’s deliberation, consideration and approval to renew a 20 year long-term contract for municipal solid waste disposal with Wheelabrator Millbury.

#12C CM May 2, 2006


Recommend request and authorize the City Manager to renew the 20-year long-term contract for municipal solid waste disposal with Wheelabrator Millbury.