JUNE 14, 2004


Convened: 7:36 p.m.

Adjourned: 8:40 p.m.


Present were:      Chairperson Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr.

                             Councillor Philip P. Palmieri

                             Councillor Frederick C. Rushton


Also:                     DPW Assistant Commissioner Andrew Murch

                             DPW Director of Sewers Matthew Labovites

                             DPW Director of Water Konstantin Eliadi

                             DPW Staffperson Timothy Reiner

                             DPW Director of Engineering Paul Moosey

                             DPW Business Manger Daniel Curtis

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk





                                                         Item # & Date        SECOND HEARING

          Petitioner             Location     In City Council         Recorded Votes


1.       John Sposato        Trent Rd.     #48 CC 10/22/02       F – 3 O – 9 Abutters - 14


          First Hearing May 21, 2003 – Held

          Second Hearing July 30, 2003 - Recessed

          Reconvened Second Hearing May 24, 2004 – Recessed

Recommend Approval




2.       Petition of Attorney Robert Longden on behalf of Princeton Development, LLC request City of Worcester (1) Enter into a prior agreement with Princeton Development, LLC and/or any other necessary parties to install a storm drain system from Putnam Lane to Shrewsbury St.; (2) Relocate and/or extinguish a sewer easement granted to the City of Worcester; (3) Extinguish rights of the City of Worcester to maintain a drain. 

          #10 CC January 6, 2004

In Committee May 24, 2004 – Held

Recommend Approval of a prior agreement that includes an agreement that work at the Putnam Lane railroad overpass be completed during a construction period of seven (7) days and that work take place at that juncture daily only between 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.




3.       Communication of the City Manager relative to FY2005 Water & Sewer Rate Recommendations.

#23E CM April 27, 2004

In Committee May 24, 2004 – Held

Recommend Approval on a 2-1 with Clancy and Rushton in favor and Palmieri in opposition.


Chairman’s Order request the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works provide the City Council with a report detailing the average annual cost of water for users in Auburn, Holden and Paxton.


Chairman’s Order request the City Manager to alert our state and federal elected representatives of the substantial cost increases that Worcester water and sewer users will realize as a result of mandated upgrades to the water filtration plant and request they seek to obtain any and all aid to offset these cost increases.