MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2004



Convened: 7:02 p.m.

Adjourned: 9:20 p.m.



Present were:      Chairperson Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr.

                             Councillor Philip P. Palmieri

                             Councillor Frederick C. Rushton @ 7:08 p.m.

                             Councillor Joseph M. Petty

                             Councillor Michael C. Perotto

                             Councillor Juan A. Gomez @ 8:38 p.m.


Also:                     DPW Commissioner Robert L. Moylan

                             DPW Assistant Commissioner/Engineering Andrew C. Murch

                             DPW Staffperson Timothy Reiner

                             DPW Director of Sewers Paul Moosey

                             Acting Parks Commissioner Robert Antonelli

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk



1.       Communication of the City Manager relative to improvements to Beaver Brook Park.

#18B CM March 9, 2004

Recommend Approval of preliminary plans for the daylighting of Beaver Brook.


Chairman’s Order request the Administration report to the City Council regarding the possibilities of daylighting a longer portion of Beaver Brook from the proposed southerly terminus in the vicinity of the supermarket on May Street southerly to the area of Maywood Street.


Chairman’s Order request the Administration explore the use of field turf or another artificial material for covering the proposed new playing fields at Beaver Brook Park.


Chairman’s Order request the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works keep the City Council informed of the plans for daylighting Beaver Brook as it moves through various stages.



1.                 Ed Roach, 80 Deerfield Street, Worcester

2.                 Jim Moore, 15 Rich Street, Worcester

3.                 Jeff Jasmin, Auburn resident

4.                 Maury Paltrow, West Boylston resident

5.                 Lance McKee, 10 Circuit Avenue East, Worcester

6.                 Doug Hannam, 2 Durant Way, Worcester

7.                 Dave Goodwin, 15 Fox Hollow, Worcester

8.                 Debbie Cary, MassAudubon, 10 Merriam Street, Princeton

9.                 Lincoln Pearson, 6 Davis Way, Worcester

10.            Phillip Neeland, 39 Pine Street, Northbridge 01588

11.            Jim Granger, 26 Hurlbert Road, Worcester

12.            Joan Crowell, 5 Bernice Street, Worcester

13.            Adolfo Arastia, Youth Center, 27 Chandler Street, Worcester 01609











2.   496 Hamilton St.

Recommend Approval




3.   Trent Rd.

Recommend Deny












4.  Olean St. (from    

     Kinney Dr. to    

     Tatnuck Gardens)

Recommend Approval





5.       Petition of Councillor Barbara Haller on behalf of Louise Lombardo et al request that a portion of Abbott St. running from the end of Walgreens parking lot and the residences, to the intersection with Winfield St. be closed as it is impassable.

          17b CC November 12, 2002

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


6.       Petition of Steven Teasdale et al request City approve the temporary closure of Tainter St. from #38 to southern intersection with Kilby St., Ripley St. from #41 to intersection with Tainter St. to the east and Kilby St. from the intersection with Beacon St. to Tainter St. to its south, to allow for construction activity relative to asbestos abatement, ground remediation, demolition and earthenwork necessary for development of the new Boys & Girls Club and Clark University Athletic Fields.  Work is in conjunction with revitalization efforts underway in the Kilby, Gardner, Hammond neighborhood. 

          #10 CC October 28, 2003

Recommend Leave to Withdraw


7.       Petition of Councillor Stephen Patton on behalf of Kendrick Neighborhood Association request repair of gate at cul-de-sac on Brooks St. at the Cinema. 

          #12a CC October 8, 2002

          In Committee January 20, 2004 – Held

Recommend File


8.       Petition of Councillor Barbara G. Haller request repair/replacement of fire hydrant at 84-86 Canterbury St.

          #13 CC July 1, 2003

Recommend File


9.       Petition of Robert Sbrogna request relocation of fire hydrant from in front of 399 Shrewsbury St. approximately 100’ easterly to bus stop in front of 409 Shrewsbury St.

          #8CC September 30, 2003

Recommend File


10.     Petition of Eric Tucker request to install handrails on staircase between sidewalk and the street at 95 Harrison St.

          #8 CC January 13, 2004

Recommend Approval and add to the sidewalk repair list


11.     Communication of the City Manager relative to fencing & landscaping work I-290 ramp widening at the Burncoat Street Exit.

          #24E CM May 28, 2002

Recommend File


12.     Communication of the City Manager relative to North Parkway.

          #23E CM September 9, 2003

          In Committee September 30, 2003 – Held

Recommend Hold


13.     Communication of the City Manager relative to lowering drains & other public works appurtenances in Mabelle St. & Kinnicutt Rd. South.

          #23C CM January 6, 2004

Recommend File


14.     Communication of the City Manager relative to I-290 Viaduct Reconstruction Project.

          #23E CM March 9, 2004

Present and making a presentation were Tom Warzula, District 3 Director for

MassHighway and Barry Lorion, Traffic Engineer for MassHighway.

Recommend File


15.     Petition of Francis Kelleher request to extend 8” water main on Benoit St. from existing end approximately 40’ at owner’s expense.

#9 CC March 9, 2004

Recommend Approval for installation of 60 feet and a hydrant in accordance with a prior agreement.