JANUARY 13, 2003


Convened: 6:03 p.m.

Adjourned: 7:57 p.m.


Present were:††††† Chairperson Councillor Joseph M. Petty

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Councillor Stephen T. Patton

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Councillor Michael C. Perotto


Also:†††††††††††††††††††† Deputy City Solicitor Michael Traynor

City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk


The following representatives of Charter Communications appeared and addressed the Committee and audience:

Edward Goldstein, Greg DíAmore and Dennis Jerome



1.                 Christopher Pinto, 58 Wildrose Avenue, Worcester

2.                 Edwin Betancourt, 35 Chandler Street, Worcester

3.                 Joseph Benarski, 28 Cross Street, South Grafton

4.                 Barbara White, 38 Upland Gardens Drive, Worcester

5.                 David Johnson, 66 Fairfax Road, Worcester

6.                 Joseph Lasco, 14 May Street, Worcester

7.                 Michael Cicero, Old Lincoln Street, Worcester

8.                 Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV Director




Chairmanís Order request the Administration provide the City Council with a report explaining Charter Communicationsí uplink speeds and policies for residential use as well as business use, and, consider grandfathering certain rates, and further, request Charter provide a comparison of rates for the same service offerings and charges offered by other carriers in the state such as ATT and RCN.


Chairmanís Order request the Administration request Charter Communications provide the City Council with a detailed explanation of itís rate increases that are to take place in February of 2003.


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager request Charter Communications expand the basic tier of services offered to Worcester subscribers.


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager provide the City Council with the correct federal and state authorities/agencies to whom complaints/inquiries are to be made concerning the programming charges passed on to cable television providers.


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager request Charter Communications report to the City Council concerning the lack of digital cabling in Old Lincoln Street.


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager report to the City Council to whom the public should address their concerns concerning cable television rate increases and services.


Communications of the City Manager


1.†††††† Relative to competitors' rate and services in other cities and towns in Massachusetts for cable service.

#16A CMApril 2, 2002

In Committee May 13, 2002 Ė Held

Recommend File


2.†††††† Relative to Charter Communications First Quarterly Status Report relative to the construction and deployment of digital cable and internet access services.

††††††††† #16D CMMay 14, 2002

Recommend File


3.                 Relative to government channel policies.

††††††††† #16A CMMay 28, 2002

Recommend Hold


4.                 Relative to build-out and deployment of Charter Communicationsí digital cable and internet service.

††††††††† #16E CMJune 25, 2002

Recommend File


5.                 Relative to call center for Charter Communications.

††††††††† #7A CMJuly 16, 2002

Recommend File


6.                 Relative to quarterly status report regarding the construction and deployment of digital cable and Internet access services.

††††††††† #15C CMAugust 20, 2002

Recommend File


7.†††††† Relative to a letter from Charter Communications responding to council's request for a listing of locations throughout the City whereCharter's service is determined less than optimal.

††††††††† #15B CMAugust 20,2002

Recommend File


8.†††††† Relative to copies of Charter's 2000 and 2002 Summary Annual Reports and Form 10-K's.

††††††††† #16G CMOctober 15, 2002

Recommend File


9.                 Relative to live cablecasting of Council Committee Meetings held outside of City Council Chambers.

††††††††† #16I CMOctober 15, 2002

Recommend Hold


10.             Relative to a number of requests for information from Charter Communications.

††††††††† #16F CMNovember 12, 2002

Recommend File


11.             Relative to Charter Communicationsí Summary Performance Report .

††††††††† #16C CMDecember 3, 2002

Recommend File


12.             Relative to current non-digital alternative with Charter Communications

††††††††† #16A CMDecember 17, 2002

Recommend File


13.             Relative to Charter Communicationsí telephone statistics.

††††††††† #16D CMDecember 17, 2002

Recommend File


14.†††† Order Councillor Lukes - Request Public Service & Transportation Committee to inquire of Charter Communications whether they are planning any local cutbacks in service, including local programming, layoffs and/or increase in costs.

††††††††† Motion - January 7, 2003

Recommend File