Public Safety Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Esther Howland (South) Chamber

Convened: 5:45 P.M.

Adjourned: 6:38 P.M.

Joseph M. Petty


Clerk of the City Council
David J. Rushford

Committee Members

Chairperson Morris A Bergman
Councilor Philip P Palmieri
Councilor Sarai Rivera

City Hall - 455 Main Street Worcester, Massachusetts

Present Were:Chairperson Councilor Morris A Bergman; Councilor Philip P Palmieri; Councilor Sarai Rivera
Also:Deputy Police Chief Steven Sargent; Deputy Police Chief Edward McGinn; City Solicitor David M. Moore; Assistant City Clerk Susan M. Ledoux, clerk



Order of Councilor Morris Bergman - Request City Manager provide City Council with an update concerning the July 22, 2014 previously voted order as to whether or not all terrain vehicles and all related modes of transportation can be confiscated when used in an illegal manner. # 11k CC March 17, 2015


Recommend Hold


Order of Councilor Philip P. Palmieri - Request the Standing Committee on Public Safety conduct a public hearing concerning the public safety and public nuisance issue of ATVs and other off-road vehicles proliferating across the city. # 11r CC April 14, 2015


Recommend Hold

Chairman's Orders

Request City Manager communicate with the Superintendent of Public Schools to ascertain what measurers could be available to educate teenagers on the license requirements, safety hazards as well as informing them that it is illegal to drive off-road vehicles on city streets. Further, request City Manager implement an outreach program to make the community aware of rules and dangers of off-road vehicles and perhaps launch an awareness campaign.

Request City Manager request the City Solicitor report to City Council any best practices in other communities for handling the illegal use of off-road vehicles and report whether or not if any community has enacted any special legislation for regulating these vehicles.

Request City Manager request the City Solicitor and the Police Chief work together to draft a home rule petition to give the city the authority to further regulate off-road vehicles such as immediate confiscation of these vehicles pending the outcome of any court actions against the owner/operator.