Public Safety Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Community Room at Webster Square Tower

Convened: 6:34 P.M.

Adjourned: 7:45 P.M.

Konstantina B. Lukes


Clerk of the City Council
David J. Rushford

Committee Members

Chairperson Barbara G Haller
Councilor Philip P Palmieri
Councilor Joseph M Petty

1060 Main Street, Worcester, MA

Present Were:Chairperson Councilor Barbara G Haller
Councilor Philip P Palmieri @ 6:47 P.M.
Councilor Joseph M Petty
Councilor Frederick C. Rushton @ 6:47 P.M.
Also:Chief of Police Gary J. Gemme
Deputy Police Chief Guilio Fusaro
Commissioner of DPWP & P Robert L. Moylan, Jr.
Executive Director of Housing Authoirty Raymond Mariano
Assistant City Clerk Michael J. Monfredo, clerk






Petition of Eileen Flannery, secretary of Webster Square West Tenant Association with Julia Senkowski request City Council to individually and collectively work with the City Manager to find the resources to make the City of Worcester especially in the area of 1050 and 1060 Main St. pedestrian friendly and safe via consistent and effective crosswalk access. Further, request these resources be identified and implemented in calendar year 2008.
#15a CC May 27, 2008


Recommend Hold
(City Manager will provide full report to the City Council and Public Safety Committee for review. At that time, a new public hearing will be scheduled concerning crosswalk and pedestrian safety)

1. Cecilo Gonzales, Worcester resident
2. Robert Maynard, Worcester resident
3. Claude le'tour, Worcester resident
4. Janet Cominski, Worcester resident
5. Kevin Ayalla, Worcester resident
6. Peggy Toni, Worcester resident
7. Robert Gallant, Worcester resident
8. Martha Pitman, Worcester resident
9. Walter Spencer, Director of Jeremiah's Inn, Worcester resident
10. Jo Hart, Worcester resident
11. Jacqueline Norton, Worcester resident
12. Janet Roberts, Worcester resident
13. Bob Goggean, Worcester resident
14. Jack Reidy, Worcester resident
15. Lucille Cross, Worcester resident
16. Raymond V. Mariano Executive Director of the Worcester Housing Authority, Worcester resident
17. Joan Benoit, Worcester resident
18. Roland Robbideau, Worcester resident
19. Dorothy Johnson, Worcester resident
20. Eileen Flannery, Worcester resident

Chairman's Orders

Request City Manager report to the City Council concerning the short term and long term solutions to crosswalk and pedestrian safety problems in Webster Square and city-wide.

Request City Manager report to the City Council as to how residents may appropriately report their concerns concerning crosswalk and pedestrian problems and follow-up, either through neighborhood watch groups and/or the Customer Service Number, 508 929-1300.

Request City Manager report to the City Council addressing the concerns about crosswalk and pedestrian safety that the city may address, specifically in the Webster Square area: the cut-thru of cars from the rear parking lot of 1050 and 1060 Main St., no pedestrian light from the Mobil Gas Station to the Subway, extended time of crosswalk lights, the height of the lip on the island at Webster Square, pedestrian button heights, yellow lines vs. white lines for easier visibility, turn left on red lights vs. pedestrian crosswalk safety, pedestrian advance light and a delay on the green lights, winter shoveling of snow, and enforcement against cars speeding through crosswalks.

Request City Manager issue public service announcements regarding crosswalk and pedestrian safety, including , but not limited to, radio, television and newspaper ads.

Request City Manager report to the City Council concerning the enforcement needed to avoid a blockage of the driveways at the Webster Square Housing Authority buildings and who is to be responsible to ensure safe passage for emergency vehicles.