JUNE 19, 2002


Convened: 6:38 p.m.

Adjourned: 8:25 p.m.


Present were:      Chairperson Councillor Michael C. Perotto

                             Councillor Joseph M. Petty

                             Councillor Barbara G. Haller


Also:                     Police Chief James M. Gallagher

                             City Solicitor David M. Moore

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk



1.       Kevin M. Ksen et al request City Council Public Safety Committee adopt written guidelines governing police department surveillance of labor unions, community groups, students and others involved in free speech activities.

          #6 CC  January 29, 2002

          In Committee March 14, 2002 – held

          In Committee May 8, 2002 - held

Recommend Hold



1.                 William Breault, 4 Hathaway Street, Worcester

2.                 Scott Schaeffer-Duffy, 52 Mason Street, Worcester

3.                 Rev. Michael Bafaro, 52 East Central Street, Worcester

4.                 Ron Madnick, 12 Pine Tree Drive, Worcester

5.                 David Coyne, 121 Glendale Street, Worcester

6.                 Russell Chernin, 122 Lee Street, West Boylston

7.                 Kevin Ksen, 5 Shawmut Street, Worcester

8.                 D. Pederson, 7 Hampton Street, Worcester

9.                 Ahmed Sidi, 59 Chestnut Street, Westborough

10.            Brian Poynton, 35 Stone Street, Auburn

11.            Gary Dusoe, 22 Auburn Street, Worcester

12.            Dan Margolis, 20 West Street, Worcester

13.            Joan Webster, 11 Gibbs Street, Worcester

14.            David Miller, 25 Birchwood Drive, Holden

15.            Lucy Candib, 65 Tory Fort Lane, Worcester

16.            John Paul Marosy, 52 Holden Street, Worcester

17.            Larry Laverdure, 8 Hobson Avenue, Worcester

18.            Michael True, 4 Westland Street, Worcester

19.            Anna De La Cruz, 24 Preston Street, Worcester




2.       Relative to Photographing Protesters in Public Places.

          #16A CM  April 30, 2002

          In Committee May 8, 2002 - held

Recommend Hold


3.       Relative to Seattle and San Francisco Ordinances relative to Photographing Protesters.

#16F CM  May 14, 2002

Recommend Hold


4.                 Relative to Photographing Protesters in Public Spaces.

          #20E CM  May 14, 2002

Recommend Hold


5.       Relative to Surveillance and Photographing the Public At-Large.

          #20F CM  May 14, 2002

Recommend Hold


Chairman’s Order request the Police Chief consider reviewing the proposed

policy for photographing protesters in public places with a view towards

shortening the time period for storing such materials and that he review the

comments of the Worcester County Chapter of the ACLU and explain in a

report to the City Council why he might not include certain ACLU

recommendations in the City’s policy.