Public Health and Human Services Committee Meeting

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Esther Howland (South) Chamber

Convened: 3:37 P.M.

Adjourned: 5:13 PM

Joseph C. O'Brien


Clerk of the City Council
David J. Rushford

Committee Members

Chairperson Philip P Palmieri
Councilor Barbara G Haller
Councilor Konstantina B Lukes

City Hall - 455 Main Street Worcester, Massachusetts

Present Were:Chairperson Councilor Philip P Palmieri
Councilor Barbara G Haller
Councilor Konstantina B Lukes
Also:Director of Economic Development Timothy McGourthy
Director of Neighborhood Development Dennis Hennessy
EONS Staff Person Stephen Hill
EONS Staff Person Anthony Miloski
Development Office Staff Person Jacqueline Vachon-Jackson
Inspectional Services Staff Person Amanda Wilson
City Solicitor David M. Moore
City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk


Communication of the City Manager


Recommend Adoption of the Attached Resolutions for Funding Recommendations for Year 37 for Annual U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Entitlement Grants (CDBG, HOME, ESG, and HOPWA ).
# 8.5A CM May 10, 2011


When the discussion concerning the CDBG funding for the Worcester Community Action Council was undertaken, Councilor Haller asked to be recused from the meeting as she serves on the Board of this organization. On a roll call of 2-0, she was recused and left the Chamber.
Recommend Approval of four Resolutions on a Roll Call of 3-0 (attached)
See also the several attachments received by the City Clerk from the speakers as follows:
1. Carlton Watson, Worcester resident
2. Kwasi Sarpong, Worcester resident
3. Jill Dagilis, Worcester resident
4. Domenic Marcigliano, no residence given
5. Steve Teasdale, Worcester resident
6. Matt Walley, Worcester resident
7. Frances Anthes, Worcester resident
8. Mullen Sawyer, Rutland resident
9. Amanda Wilson, Worcester resident
10. Stephen Patton, Worcester resident