APRIL 13, 2005


5:00 P.M.

Convened: 5:05 p.m.

Adjourned: 6:25 p.m.


Present were:      Chairperson Councillor Barbara H. Haller

                             Councillor Konstantina B. Lukes

                             Councillor Juan A. Gomez


Also:                     Director of Public Health Jay Gardiner

                             Deputy Chief Timothy Gray

Assistant City Clerk Lisa M. Thomas, clerk


Communications of the City Manager


1.       Relative to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts “Act to Reduce the Loss of Life Due to Fires Caused by Cigarettes”.

          #13A CM March 22, 2005

Recommend File


Chairman’s Order request City Manager, Mayor and members of the City Council to write letters of support to the members of the Commonwealth’s Joint Public Safety Committee regarding the fire safe cigarette bill.


Chairman’s Resolution that the City Council of the City of Worcester goes on record in favor of House Bill 1914 and Senate Bill 1345 regarding fire safe cigarette legislation.


2.       Relative to the severity of fires in the City of Worcester in 2004.

          #13B CM April 5, 2005

Recommend File


3.       Relative to a new environmental and public health project designed to protect and preserve the City’s recreational resources and provide a safe environment for citizens.

          #20A CM April 5, 2005

Recommend File



4.       Relative to a Hepatitis A Outbreak in Worcester.

          #20E CM May 18, 2004

Recommend File


5.       Relative to disposal of Drug Paraphernalia.

          #20B CM April 13, 2004

In Committee October 25, 2004 – Held

Recommend File


6.       Relative to Disease Prevention Media Campaign.

          #20A CM April 13, 2004

In Committee October 25, 2004 – Held

Recommend File


7.       Relative to Influenza Vaccine Advisory.

          #20A CM November 9, 2004

Recommend File


8.       Relative to Public Health Department’s Winter Coat Drive.

          #20B CM November 9, 2004

Recommend File


9.       Relative to Tobacco Control Program – Contract Expansion.

          #20A CM November 16, 2004

Recommend Hold


10.     Relative to request for Personnel/Clerk Typist/Tobacco Control Program.

          #20C CM November 30, 2004

Recommend Hold