Economic Development Committee Meeting

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Esther Howland (South) Chamber

Convened: 5:48 P.M.

Adjourned: 6:08 P.M.

Joseph M. Petty


Clerk of the City Council
Susan M. Ledoux

Committee Members

Chairperson Candy Mero-Carlson
Councilor Sarai Rivera
Councilor Matthew E Wally

City Hall - 455 Main Street Worcester, Massachusetts

Present Were:Chairperson Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson Councilor Sarai Rivera
Also:Councilor Gary Rosen; Chief Development Officer Michael Traynor; Assistant Chief Development Officer for Business Peter Dunn; City Clerk Susan M. Ledoux, clerk

Approval of the Minutes


Order - That the City Council Standing Committee of Economic Development hereby approves the minutes of the Economic Development Committee meeting of November 18, 2019


The Chairperson, Councilor Mero-Carlson read the item and moved to approve. Approved on a voice vote - Order adopted


Communication of the City Manager


Recommend adoption of a resolution to file an application to designate the proposed Washington Square hotel as a Certified Project and approve a Tax Increment Financing Plan for the property. # 9.4C CM November 12, 2019


The Chairperson, Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson read the item and requested the Chief Development Officer, Michael Traynor, to provide the committee with his recommendation. He stated the city was in support of this project and recommended approval of the TIF. The Assistant Chief Development Office for Business, Peter Dunn, further provide additional details regarding the project in support of this recommendation and further, stated the developer James Karam was not present because he was stuck in traffic but Mr. Karam will be present at the City Council meeting when this item is reported out so he can assist with any questions for the City Council. Chairperson Councilor Mero-Calrson stated that she has had conversations with Mr. Karam and has been made aware of his commitment to this project and to the community. Chairperson Councilor Mero-Carlson requested anyone present at the meeting if they wished to speak to come forward. Kevin Ksen, Worcester resident, wanted it stated for the record that this project is a gift to the developer and he also had questions regarding wages and access to the proposed draft agreement which were answered by both Mr. Traynor and Mr. Dunn. Alex Guardiola, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, spoke in support of this project. Chairperson Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson moved to recommend approval and requested a roll call vote. Motion approved on a roll call vote of 2 Yeas and 0 Nays.

Recommend Approval




Timothy McGourthy, Executive Director of the Worcester Regional Research Bureau, transmitting, A Research Bureau Policy Alternative: Tax Rates. # 11a CC May 30, 2017


The Chairperson, Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson, read the item and moved to recommend the communication be placed on file. Motion approved on a voice vote.

Recommend File