Youth, Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Esther Howland (South) Chamber

Convened: 5:36 P.M.

Adjourned: 7:22 P.M.

Joseph M. Petty


Clerk of the City Council
David J. Rushford

Committee Members

Chairperson Gary Rosen
Councilor Frederick C Rushton
Councilor Kathleen M Toomey

City Hall - 455 Main Street Worcester, Massachusetts

Present Were:Chairperson Councilor Gary Rosen Councilor Frederick C Rushton Councilor Kathleen M Toomey
Also:Assistant Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Robert C. Antonelli, Jr. Assistant City Clerk Susan M. Ledoux, clerk

Communications of the City Manager


Transmitting Informational Communication Relative to the Recommendation of a Dog Park Site. # 12.8A CM January 07, 2014


Recommend Hold




Councilor Philip P. Palmieri request the Committee on Youth, Parks and Recreation consider looking at other city parks to see if there is a better fit for a dog park. # 22c CC January 07, 2014


Recommend Hold


Councilor Kathleen M. Toomey request the Committee on Youth, Parks and Recreation invite representatives of Tufts Veterinary Hospital to discuss their experiences relative to dog parks. # 22e CC January 07, 2014


Recommend Hold


Councilor Kostantina B. Lukes request the Committee on Youth, Parks and Recreation consider building into their recommendation of the proposed a dog park a follow up review of the impacts that can come from having a dog park and have the administration report back to City Council in six months the consequences if any. # 22f CC January 07, 2014


Recommend Hold

1. Peggy Middaugh, Worcester resident
2. Tom Johnson, Worcester resident
3. Brendan Sendrowski, Worcester resident
4. Mary Barrett, Worcester resident
5. Helen Williams, Worcester resident
6. Elizabeth Noone, Worcester resident
7. Debra Bolz, Worcester resident
8. Chris Robarge, Worcester resident
9. Cynthia Turncliff, Worcester resident
10. Colin Novick, Worcester resident
11. Joe Pagano, Worcester resident
12. Edith Morgan, Worcester resident
13. State Representative Mary Keefe, Worcester resident
14. Jose Cruz, Worcester resident
15. Winnie Octave, Worcester resident
16. George Cortez, Worcester resident
17. Diane O’Brien, Worcester resident
18. Madeline Snyder, Worcester resident
19. Lindsay Thompson, Worcester resident



Request City Manager report the feasibility of using some kind of tag or card that would unlock the gate to a dog park, allowing only licensed dogs into the dog park. Further, consider setting up a fee structure to differentiate the use of the park by licensed city dogs and licensed dogs from outside the city.


Request City Manager submit a budget proposal for the dog park.


Request City Manager make a recommendation to the Standing Committee on Youth , Parks and Recreation as to whether or not the existing ordinance banning dogs from city parks should be amended to allow leashed dogs.


Request City Manager report whether or not the parking is sufficient for the proposed dog park at Green Hill Park.


Request City Manager request City Solicitor report as to the liability of the City if a dog or person is injured at a city sponsored dog park.


Request City Manager report how a group of persons can establish a committee/group interested in helping create, regulate, maintain and support dog parks.


Request City Manager report if the present dog licensing fees are adequate and report the number of dogs licensed and not licensed.


Request City Manager review whether or not a dog park at Green Hill Park would be in violation to the deed of transfer from the Green Family to the city.


Request City Manager identify city properties that could be used as smaller dog lots.


Request City Manager consider offering tax breaks to private property owners who have land that can be used as a possible location for a dog park.