MARCH 13, 2006


Convened: 5:33 p.m.

Adjourned: 7:50 p.m.


Present were:       Chairperson Councilor Michael C. Perotto

                             Councilor Frederick C. Rushton

                             Councilor Kathleen M. Toomey

                             Councilor Gary Rosen @ 5:45 p.m.


Also: DPW Asst Commissioner Parks Robert Antonelli

          City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk                 




1.       Relative to Worcester Common Restoration Master Plan.

          #18G CM July 6, 2004

Recommend Hold


2.       Relative to an update on the Worcester Common Restoration Project.

          #18A CM July 19, 2005

Recommend Hold


3.       Relative to a draft of the Rockwood Field Master Plan.

          #33CC January 24, 2006

Recommend Approval (Hold in Committee for Informational Purposes Only)


Chairman’s Orders


1.     Request the City Manager to revise the Master Plan for Rockwood Field so that access to the park is available to residents of the Glendale Street and Hunthurst Circle neighborhood.


2.     Request the City Manager communicate with the Administration of Worcester State College the neighborhood concerns of campus noise and lighting.


3.     Request the City Manager provide the City Council with a copy of the signed agreement between Worcester State College and the City of Worcester for the long-term use of the college’s parking lots for visitors to Rockwood Field and playing fields.



1.     Nancy Burgess, 124 Glendale Street, Worcester

2.     Nicholas Bazoukas, 361 May Street, Worcester

3.     Tom McNamara, WSC Executive Director of Development and External Affairs

4.     Eugene Bolinger, Weston Sampson design consultants


4.       Relative to a Grant Award for $400,000.00 for the renovations of Beaver Brook Park from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Department of Conservation Services Urban Self Help Program in Cooperation with the Worcester Department of Public Works Daylighting of the Culvert at Beaver Brook.

          #18C CM February 8, 2005

Recommend Hold


5.       Relative to Beaver Brook Culvert and Park Improvements.

          #18C CM March 22, 2005

Recommend Hold


6.       Relative to itemization costs for daylighting Beaver Brook Culvert.

          #58 CC June 21, 2005

Recommend Hold


7.       Relative to the Beaver Brook Daylighting and Field Renovation Project.

          #13A CM January 31, 2006

Recommend Hold


Chairman’s Orders:

1.     Request the City Manager provide the City Council with the cost that was estimated to build the playing field at Beaver Brook Park that has been eliminated.


2.     Request the City Manager to review the Master Plan for Beaver Brook Park and report to the City Council regarding an estimated cost for a concession stand near the proposed football field and for restrooms near the Little League fields, so that these might be included in the final plans in the event sufficient funding is available.


3.     Request the City Manager and/or the Superintendent of the Worcester Public Schools to provide the City Council with a transition plan for the Worcester Vikings to utilize the fields and lighting at Foley Stadium.


4.     Request the City Manager to request the Police Chief to enforce the “No Alcohol” policy at Beaver Brook Park.


5.     Request the City Manager request the operator of the Mayfield Big Y Supermarket to consider installing a live screening between their store entrance and parking area and the homes on the east side of Mann Street.


6.     Request the City Manager to request the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works to provide the City Council with the reasoning behind the elimination of the footbridge from the Beaver Brook Park Master Plan as well as the savings that are to be realized by the design change.


7.     Request the City Manager provide the City Council with a description of the berm to be installed along the waterway that is to be daylighted in Beaver Brook Park; including materials to be used and the height above the grade of the water and surrounding fields.


8.     Request the City Manager to request the Police Chief to install a periodic speeding surveillance detail in Mann Street.



1.     Paul Richards, 39 Mann Street, Worcester

2.     Jim Moore, 15 Rich Street, Worcester

3.     Aaron Perna, 40 Mann Street, Worcester

4.     Doug Hannam, 2 Durant Way, Worcester




8.       Order of Councillor Clancy – Request City Manager consider putting a spot light in the Greenwood Park parking lot for safety reasons.

          #37 CC July 1, 2003

In Committee March 31, 2004 – Held

In Committee June 29, 2004 – Held

Recommend Hold