OCTOBER 1, 2001


Convened: 7:02 p.m.

Adjourned: 7:45 p.m.


Chairman Councillor Juan A. Gomez

Councillor Dennis L. Irish

Councillor Stephen T. Patton


Also: City Manager Thomas R. Hoover

          Staff Assistant to the City Manager Jill Dagilis

          Project Manager Joanne Kennedy Valade


1.       Communication of the City Manager transmitting communication

relative to Final Draft of Benchmarking Worcester’s Future: A Strategic Plan for the Third Millennium.

                                      #29C CM August 21, 2001

Recommend Adopt the final draft


Speakers:   Roberta Schaeffer, Executive Director WMRB, Worcester

                   William Densmore, Algonquin Road, Worcester

                   Jack Gillies, Manufacturing Assistance Center

                   Sam Rosario, 141 South Flagg Street, Worcester

                   Jack Foley, 6 Winter Hill Drive, Worcester

                   Peter Fellenz, 7 Haviland Street, Worcester

                   Debbie Cary, Director of Broad Meadow Brook reservation

                   Gordon Hargrove, 34 Brewster Road, Worcester

                   Michael Theerman, 201 Salisbury Street, Worcester