JULY 16, 2002


Convened:  7:07 P.M.

Adjourned:  7:09 P.M.


Present were:      Councillor Michael C. Perotto, Chairman

                             Councillor Konstantina B. Lukes


Also:                     David J. Rushford, City Clerk 




1.       Order of Councillor Dennis L. Irish and Councillor Stephen T. Patton request a Council rules change to specifically assign responsibility for matters related to higher education to the Standing Committee on Education and to change the Committee’s name to Education and College/University Relations.

#11 CC  January 22, 2002

Recommend Adoption of Order that Rule 22(c) of the Rules of the City Council be changed as follows: That the Standing Committee on Education be changed to be the Standing Committee on Education and College/University Relations to consist of three (3) Councillors to consider all matters pertaining to public vocational education, public education as offered by the City of Worcester or its departments, the public libraries and higher education.


2.       Order of Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr. request Rules and Regulations Committee consider including in the duties of the Education Committee matters related to college and university relations, but to keep the name of this Committee as the Education Committee.

Order Adopted in City Council #39e CC January 22, 2002

In Committee for Informational Purposes Only

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