Municipal Operations Committee Meeting

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Esther Howland (South) Chamber

Convened: 5:04 P.M.

Recessed into Executive Session: 5:08 P.M. Reconvened into Open Session: 5:47 P.M. Adjourned: 5:48 P.M.

Joseph M. Petty


Clerk of the City Council
Susan M. Ledoux

Committee Members

Chairperson Sean M Rose
Vice Chairperson Kathleen M Toomey
Councilor George J Russell

City Hall - 455 Main Street Worcester, Massachusetts

Present Were:Chairperson Counclior Sean M. Rose Councilor: Kathleen M. Toomey Councilor: George J. Russell
Also:City Solicitor: David M. Moore Assistant City Manager: Kathleen Johnson Assistant Director of Human Resources: Dori Vecchio City Clerk: Susan M. Ledoux, clerk

Contract Extension for City Manager


Order of Mayor Joseph M. Petty, Councilor Gary Rosen, Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson, Councilor Sean M. Rose, Councilor George J. Russell, and Councilor Matthew E. Wally - Request City Council's Standing Committee on Municipal Operations begin negotiations for the City Manager's salary and contract. # 7a CC January 15, 2019


Chairperson Councilor Rose read both items and made a motion to recess into Executive Session for the purpose of strategizing a contract extension for the City Manager and for employment of a dedicated person for City Council.

Recessed into Executive Session on a roll call vote of 3-0.
The Committee reconvened and the Committee Held both the items.

Item #1a Recommend Hold


Discussion Item - Process for Hiring Secretary of City Council


Communication of the City Manager - Recommend that Four Million Two Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand One Hundred Forty Four Dollars and No Cents ($4,298,144.00) be transferred to finalize the City's Fiscal Year 2019 annual budget by appropriating the City's Fiscal Year 2018 certified free cash. In Commitee for Informational Purposes # 9.33A CM December 11, 2018


Recommend Hold (see information above)