Municipal Operations Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Worcester State University 486 Chandler Street

Convened: 6:06 P.M.

Adjourned: 7:11 P.M.

Joseph M. Petty


Clerk of the City Council
David J. Rushford

Committee Members

Chairperson Philip P Palmieri
Councilor Tony Economou
Councilor George J Russell

City Hall - 455 Main Street Worcester, Massachusetts

Present Were:Chairperson Councilor Philip P. Palmieri Councilor Tony Economou Mayor Joseph M. Petty Councilor Gary Rosen Councilor Morris A. Bergman Councilor Michael T. Gaffney Councilor Konstantina B. Lukes @ 6:11 p.m. Councilor George J. Russell @ 6:15 p.m.
Also:City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk



Committee shall conduct a total of five listening sessions; one in each of the five City Council districts. This meeting is scheduled to be convenient for residents in District 5. Each speaker is asked to limit their comments to three (3) minutes so that all individuals wishing to speak are provided that opportunity.


1. Jerry Powers, Worcester resident
2. Mauro DePasquale, Worcester resident
3. Larry Freed, Worcester resident
4. Rev. Steven Barrett, Worcester resident
5. Amy West, Worcester resident
6. John Reed, Worcester resident
7. Dottie Hargrove, Worcester resident
8. Bill Bernhard, Worcester resident
9. Steven Gordon, Worcester resident
10. Rev. Jarrett Allebach, Worcester resident

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