MARCH 1, 2005


Convened: 5:37 p.m.

Adjourned: 6:00 p.m.


Present were:       Chairperson Councillor Paul P. Clancy, Jr.

                             Councillor Joseph M. Petty

                             Councillor Philip P. Palmieri


Also:                     City Manager Michael V. O’Brien

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk




1.                 Format for Evaluation of the City Manager

Chairman’s Order request the City Manager to consider the following framework within which his annual evaluation might be conducted:


1.                 Finance

a.    Budget

b.    Adherence to Budget

c.     Debt Management

d.    Bond Rating


2.                 Economic Development

a.    Downtown

b.    Neighborhoods

c.     Brownfields (SWIP, GKH, DPW Garage, Gateway)

d.    Infrastructure Improvements


3.                 Management Efficiencies and Improvements

a.    Re-Organization and Consolidation of City Departments

b.    Management Efficiencies and Technologies

c.     Education/Training/Employee Issues

d.    Minority Outreach


4.                 Delivery of Public Services

a.    Public Safety (Police,Fire)

b.    Public Works and Parks

c.     Education/Library

d.    Enforcements.