MARCH 20, 2003


Convened: 5:32 p.m.

Adjourned: 6:47 p.m.


Present were:††††††††† Chairperson Councillor Joseph M. Petty

†††††††††††††††††† †††††††††     Councillor Stephen T. Patton

†††††††††††††††††† †††††††††     Councillor Konstantina B. Lukes


Also:††††††††† Public Health Commissioner Dr. Leonard J. Morse

†††††††††         City Solicitor David M. Moore

†††††††††         Assistant Director of Human Resources Lawrence Raymond

†††††††††         City Auditor James A. DelSignore

†††††††††         City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk


1.††††††††† Communication of the City Manager relative to Comprehensive Reorganization Plan involving various Boards and Commissions of the City.

††††††††† #16A CMFebruary 25, 2003

Recommend that the hearing on this item that opened @ 5:47 p.m. be continued.


The City Solicitor elaborated on the process that took place to formulate the proposed re-organization plan. He also reported that Karen Nugent who is unable to be present, requests to be recorded in favor of the proposed changes.


Chairmanís Order request the Administration to consider offering additional training for citizens appointed to boards and commissions.



1.     Albert Powers, 95 Downing Street, Worcester

2.     Barbara T. White, 38 Upland Gardens Drive, Worcester

3.     Raymond Bilodeau, 5 Newton Avenue, Chairperson on the Cable TV Advisory Committee

4.     Roberta Evans, 77 Eastern Avenue, Worcester, Womenís Advisory Committee on the Status of Women

5.     Dr. Leonard J. Morse, 16 Hilltop Circle, Worcester, Commissioner of Public Health

6.     Lee Bartlett, Chairperson of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium Commission


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager consider recommending to the City Council the same attendance rules for all Boards and Commissions that have been recommended in the re-organization plan establishing the Commission on People with Disabilities.


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager consider making the Commissioner of Public Health an ex-officio member of the Board of Health and also consider qualify the Commissioner as a voting member of said board in those instances when a tie vote of the remaining four members occurs, or, to add another fifth member to the Board.Also to consider requiring that a certain number of appointments to the Health Board be of people whose professional qualification might add to the expertise being offered in service to the City.


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager provide the City Council with a report on his recommended future short and long term use of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium and the G. A. R. Hall.


2.                 DISCUSSION ITEM Ė Status Reports from the City Clerk and City Auditor.


Chairmanís Order request the City Auditor provide the City Council with an update on future automation efficiencies, debt amortization and related costs.


Chairmanís Order request the City Manager provide the City Council with a flow chart detailing how the payroll system works, and whether it works the same for all employees or departments.


Chairmanís Order request the City Treasurer report to the City Council how cash receipts are processed by all departments.