JUNE 17, 2002


6:00 P.M.

Convened:  6:09 P.M.

Adjourned:  6:54 P.M.


Present:  Councillor Joseph Petty, Chairman

                Councillor Konstantina B. Lukes

                Councillor Stephen Patton

                Thomas R. Hoover, City Manager

                John Pranckivicius, Budget Director

                Janice Borg Silverman, Director, Human Resources

                James DelSignore, City Auditor

                Mary Babbidge, Assistant City Clerk


1.                 Communication of the City Manager relative to Early Retirement Incentive.

#13D CM May 14, 2002


Recommend File


2.                 Communication of the City Manager relative to the Workforce Reduction through Early Retirement Act.

#13C CM June 11, 2002


Recommend approve on a roll call:

          Councillor Lukes:  No

          Councillor Patton:  Yes

          Councillor Petty:  Yes


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration provide a report on the process and timeline for the military buy back. Further, request report on any other buy back options other than military that are contained in any bargaining contracts.


Chairman’s Order – Request Administration report explaining the differences in the net impact on the City in responses relative to the Early Retirement Incentive from the Administration and the City Auditor.


Chairman’s Order – Request City Auditor report as to what were factors in decision making in not accepting prior Early Retirement Incentive Plans.