MAY 1, 2001


Convened: 6:00 P.M.

Adjourned: 6:40 P.M.


Present were:      Chairman Councillor Dennis L. Irish

                             Councillor Janice L. Nadeau

                             Councillor Stephen T. Patton


Also:                     Assistant City Manager Paul LaCava

                             Housing Director Scott Hayman

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk


          Communications Of The City Manager


1.                 Relative to an application for an affordable housing fee waiver for the rehabilitation project at 22-24 Northampton St.

          #8HH CM  December 19, 2000

Michael Bowie, Project Manager and Domenic Marciglione, East Side

CDC Director appeared and spoke in favor of the request.

Recommend Approval (Taken under SR, May 1, 2001 CC)

2.       The Abandoned Building Task Force Report. Also announcing the formation of a community wide task force to study the issues.

#30D CM  May 16, 2000

Recommend File

3.              Relative to resale, size of property and names/abandoned and or vacant lots, also abandoned and/or vacant lots from January 1998 to present.

#26A CM  December 5, 2000

Recommend File

4.                 Relative to the City receiving the status of “Certified Community” by the Department of Housing and Community Development.

#8EE CM October 3, 2000

Recommend File

5.              Relative to Housing the Single Adult Homeless:  The Worcester Plan Report of the City Manager’s Commission on Homelessness.

#30C CM October 3, 2000

Recommend File


6.              Requesting adoption of an order relative to the disposition of the property located at 2-2A Douglas St.

In City Council #26A CM October 31, 2000 – Order Adopted

In Committee for Informational Purposes Only

Recommend File

7.              Relative to Police Officer in Public Housing Program.

#30A CM May 30, 2000.

Recommend File

8.              Relative to project at 65 King St. in regards to SRO/Halfway House.

#8AA CM  January 2, 2001

Recommend File

9.              Relative to the Neighborhood Cabinet.

#29C CM  January 9, 2001

Recommend File

10.     Relative to the recent incident at 141 Chandler St.

          #18B CM  March 13, 2001

Recommend File



11.     Robert Ebersole, Assoc. Dir. Dept. of Housing & Community Development transmitting communication relative to Mass. Downtown Initiative.

#65 CC  April 25, 2000

Recommend File


12.     Order of Councillor Lukes request Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization Committee to consider and review legislative remedies dealing with current landlord/tenant laws as they apply to owner-occupied homes or multi-unit homes.

  #22e CC October 3, 2000

Recommend Hold


Chairman’s Order request the City Manager to report to the City Council whether the Geographic Information System may generate a map plotting the locations of social service agency facilities throughout the city.


The Committee entered into a discussion concerning Item #18A of the City Manager’s calendar of May 1, 2001, an application for a fee waiver for development of affordable housing requested by Friendly House. The Committee signified their support for the request.