APRIL 4, 2001


5:30 P.M.

Convened:5:35 P.M.

Adjourned: 6:16 P.M.


Present:†††††††††††††† Councillor Michael Perotto, Chairman

Councillor Joseph Petty

Councillor Timothy Murray

James DelSignore, City Auditor

Thomas Zidelis, City Treasurer

David Moore, City Solicitor

Mary Babbidge, Asst. City Clerk



1.                 Communication of James DelSignore, City Auditor transmitting the Comprehensive Listing of Fees and Charges which has been updated to December 31, 1999.

#56CCApril 25, 2000



Chairmanís Order - Request City Administration consider doing whatever is possible to hold water and sewer rates next fiscal year.


Chairmanís Order Ė Request City Administration provide City Council with a comparison of basic fees charged, water and sewer rates, golf course fees between the City of Worcester and the cities of Providence, Springfield and Portland, Maine.


Chairmanís Order - Request City Solicitor report on the interpretation by other communities of the 1991 legislation relative to the power of the City Council in the setting of fees.


2.                 Communication of the City Manager transmitting communication relative to $20.00 Surcharge in Recording or filing Fees and Revenue produced by the Community Preservation Act.

#4C CMNovember 14, 2000




Chairmanís Order Ė Request Administration report on which Towns and Citieshave accepted the Community Preservation Act.


Chairmanís Order Ė Request Administration report on approximately what the City of Worcester and its residents spent last year on recording fees and charges.


Chairmanís Order Ė Request Administration report as to what the impact would be on the average residential tax rate and the average commercial tax rate of a .5, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3% surcharge under the Community Preservation Act.


3.†††††† Communication of David J. Rushford, City Clerk transmitting requested information on the charges levied for copies of vital records at City Clerk Offices throughout the Commonwealth as well as at the State Office of Vital Records.

#62CCNovember 14, 2000