APRIL 26, 2005


5:30 P.M.

Convened:  5:40 P.M.

Adjourned:  7:20 P.M.


Present:               Councillor Michael Perotto, Co-Chairman

Councillor Philip Palmieri, Co-Chairman

Councillor Dennis Irish

Councillor Paul Clancy, Jr.

Councillor Frederick Rushton

Michael O’Brien, City Manager

Julie Jacobson, Asst. City Manager

Scott Hayman, Neighborhood Services

Dennis Hennessey, Neighborhood Services

Jill Dagilis, Commissioner Code

Mary Babbidge, Asst. City Clerk


1.       Communication of the City Manager relative to copies of applications received for designation of Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas under the Year 31 Community Development Block Grant Program.

          #17A CM April 5, 2005




City Manager O’Brien spoke and Asst. City Manager Julie Jacobson gave a slide presentation relative to Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas




          Main South Community Development Corp.

          Speakers:  Stephen Teasdale, Executive Director

                             Attorney Hector Piniero

                             David Leach, Arts District Partnership


          Worcester East Side Community Development Corp.

          Speaker:     Dominick Marcigliano, Executive Director


          Oak Hill Community Development Corp.

          Speakers:   James Cruickshank, Executive Director

                             Walter Thomas, Business Owner

                             Liz Gervais, Business Owner

                             William Toomey, Business Mgr., Worcester Academy


          Worcester Common Ground

          Chandler Business Association

          Speakers:   Stephen Patton, Executive Director, Worcester

                             Common Ground

                             Richard Kazarian, Chandler Business Association

                             Al Makal, Business Owner


          South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corp.

          Speakers:   Ronald Charette, Executive Director

                             Marshalee Ellis-Kehlhem, Development Director

                             Bernie Rotman, Business Owner


Chairman’s Order – Request City Manager to consider use of Block Grant and/or other grant sources to fund all five Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area applications. Voted on a roll call vote of 3 Yeas (Irish, Rushton, Perotto) and 2 Nays (Clancy, Palmieri)


Chairman’s Order – Request City Manager report as to how he might fund more Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area applications.