MAY 26, 2005


Convened: 6:10 p.m.

Adjourned: 8:32 p.m.


Present were:      Co-Chairperson Councilor Paul P. Clancy, Jr.

                             Co-Chairperson Councilor Michael C. Perotto

                             Councilor Barbara G. Haller

                             Councilor Philip P. Palmieri

                             Councilor Frederick C. Rushton

                             Councilor Juan A. Gomez @ 6:46 p.m.


Also:                     Assistant City Manager/Julie Jacobson

                             City Solicitor David M. Moore

                             Budget Director John Pranckevicius

                             City Assessor Robert Allard

                             City Auditor James DelSignore

                             George Ciccone, Director of Development

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk



1.     Barbara T. White, 38 Upland Gardens Drive, Worcester

2.     Jonathan Curtis, 39 First Street, Worcester

3.     Phil Reid, 40 Cedar Street, Worcester

4.     Paul Zendzian, 14 Hanna Road, Worcester

5.     Jo Hart, 181 West Boylston Street, West Boylston


Mr. Young Park of Berkeley Investments and Ms. Karen Purdy, 1185 Pine Ridge Road, Atlanta, GA, a vice-president of Starwood Capital appeared before the Committee for a series of questions.


Chairman’s Order request the City Manager request Starwood Capital to have present at a future Joint Committee meeting an individual from their firm who is well versed in any of their public/private partnerships.


Chairman’s Order request the City Manager consider the following items in the future negotiations with Berkeley Investments concerning the CitySquare project: a partnering with local artists for more interesting public spa the establishment of a design review board and a relationship with the neighbors of the site.


Chairman’s Order request the City Manager to provide the City Council with data regarding all Starwood/Berkeley partnerships over the past five years.


Communications of the City Manager


1.       Relative to the Downtown Parking Study.

          #23H CM March 8, 2005

          In Committee May 18, 2005 – Held

Recommend Hold


2.       Relative to schedule of events relative to the CitySquare Project.

          #54a CC April 12, 2005

          In Committee May 18, 2005 – Held

Recommend Hold


3.       Relative to the CitySquare Project and the District Improvement Financing (DIF) law.

          #4 CC May 10, 2005

          In Committee May 18, 2005 – Held

Recommend Hold


4.       Requesting adoption of four Orders:

1.                 Designating the DIF District Boundary

2.                 Approving the DIF Development Program

3.                 Authorizing the filing of Special Legislation

4.                 An Order of Taking acquiring the easements for the new public streets

Advertisement of a DIF Loan Order authorizing the borrowing of $89.085 million

Advertisement of an Ordinance establishing permit and inspection fees

#35 CC May 10, 2005

In Committee May 18, 2005 – Held

Recommend Hold


5.       Transmitting information on the impact of the Responsible Employer Ordinance on the CitySquare Project.

          #35a CC May 10, 2005

          In Committee May 18, 2005 – Held

Recommend Hold