JULY 1, 2003


Convened: 6:15 p.m.

Adjourned: 6:25 p.m.


Present were:      Chairperson Councillor Dennis L. Irish

                             Councillor Michael C. Perotto


Also:                     Chief Development Officer Philip Niddrie

                             Deputy Development Director George Ciccone

                             Development Office Staffperson Lanny Beaulieu

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk


1.       Communication of the City Manager relative to the submittal of a Certified Project application for Rog-Nan, Inc. and Gateway Energy, Inc. and the designation of a new Site Specific Economic Opportunity Area.

          #8C CM   June 17, 2003

Recommend Approval (to be taken under a Suspension of Rule on July 1, 2003) The petitioners, Messrs. Roger and Stephen Samia were present.


Note: A corrected copy of the resolution is provided by Administration