Convened: 5:32 p.m.

Adjourned: 6:55 p.m.


Present were:      Chairperson Councilor Frederick C. Rushton

                             Councilor Michael C. Perotto

                             Councilor Joseph M. Petty

                             Michael Marchand

                             Rev. Walter Tilleman

                             Eric Knapp representing Sam Adams

                             Gil Pontius representing Sue Swanson & Ed McKeon

                             Christos Liazos

                             Beth Proko

                             Janice Weeks

                             Mark John

                             Senator Edward M. Augustus

                             Jimmy O’Coin

                             Director of Planning Joel Fontane


Also:                     City Councilor Gary Rosen

                             Planning Staffperson Ruth Gentile

                             Senate Aide Paul Belsito

                             City Clerk David J. Rushford, clerk


The Chair asked Joel Fontane, Director of Planning to recap the June 15th meeting. The points made by attendees at the June meeting were reinforced and expounded upon by those in attendance.


Members spoke to the short-term and long-term desires that would be of highest concern to businesses and residents. A co-existence of both businesses and residents is seen as advantageous and doable in the long-term.


Members agreed that traffic congestion at both the Webster Square and Tatnuck Square ends of Mill Street might be preventing Mill Street commercial tenants to be successful.


The Chairperson proposed several suggestions to improve visual appeal and opportunities to recreate in the areas surrounding the pond including a boardwalk area that might connect the beach area to the proposed park at the site of the former Coes Knife Company.


He also suggested that a re-alignment of the section of Mill Street from Coes Street to the beach might create a new area to access the water feature and additionally establish the pond as a destination point for family-oriented recreation. That destination point might also spur small retail opportunities across from the pond in the area formerly occupied by the Big D Market.


The Committee agreed to the Chairperson’s suggestion that they meet again in the month of September.


Chairman’s Orders:

1.     Request the City Manager to request the Police Chief to take action to prohibit unauthorized tractor-trailer transfer activity to take place at the site of the vacant supermarket at 195 Mill Street.

2.     Request the City Manager to request the Commissioner of Public Works and Parks to provide the City Council with a report addressing the feasibility of re-aligning Mill Street from Coes Street to the Coes Pond beach so that the roadway hugs the southerly edge of the existing right-of-way and enables the City to establish a greenway along the water’s edge that would allow for recreation activity and the connection of the beach to the park to be created at the site of the former Coes Knife Company.

3.     Request the City Manager to request the Commissioner of Public Works and Parks to routinely clear overgrowth between Coes Pond and the sidewalks along Mill Street from Coes Street to Coes Pond beach; to routinely maintain the median strips along Mill Street and to remove fallen tree limbs and routinely sweep the road surface from Tatnuck Square to Park Avenue.

4.     Request the City Manager to request the Police Chief to install a surveillance detail in Mill Street during the early morning hours in an effort to curtail excessive speeding and noise levels from motorcycles.

5.     Request the City Manager provide the City Council with an estimated cost for installation of streetscape-style sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks and decorative lighting and street furniture in the business areas of Mill Street between First Street and Coes Street.

6.     Request the City Manager to work with our State Delegation to invite appropriate state administrators to the next meeting of the Ad Hoc Mill Street Business Corridor Committee to discuss concerns relating to the water quality and recreational opportunities at Coes Pond.

7.     Request the City Manager to consider assisting principals of Sunderland Properties and of the Price Chopper Supermarkets to discuss the possible alteration of the lease agreement concerning property at 195 Mill Street.

8.     Request the City Clerk to provide the City Council with data concerning the historic ownership of mill buildings in Worcester with an eye towards designating median strips in Mill Street with historic markers informing the public of the contributions of these major employers to the early growth of the community.