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Vice Squad Arrest 16 in Prostitution Sting, 3 More for Drug Trafficking

For Immediate Release: 1/20/2013 6:12 pm

Worcester, MA (January 20, 2013) - On Saturday, January 19, 2013 members of the Worcester Police Vice Squad conducted a prostitution/john sting by posting an ad on the internet along with deploying male and female officers posing as decoys in the Main South area. As a result of this dual prong strategy, police arrested 16 individuals on related prostitution charges. Three additional people were arrested on drug trafficking and conspiracy offenses.

Worcester Police placed an ad on the internet with reference to an escort service. Police were working out of an apartment in an undisclosed location in the city.

As a result of the on line ad, the following ten individuals were placed under arrest and charged with Sexual Conduct for a Fee. These ten individuals were arrested after making contact with undercover police, agreeing to a specific fee for a sexual encounter and arriving at the specific location that the police were working out of.

  1. Barry Ansin, 45-years-old of 33 Bonnydale Road, Leominster, MA
  2. Javier Trajo, 35-years-old of 113 Illinois Street, Worcester, MA
  3. Paul Keating, 70-years-old of 60 Industrial Row, Gardner, MA
  4. Guillermo Rivera, 50-years-old of 45 Elm Road, Devens, MA
  5. Daniel Lumb, 22-years-old of 71 Mechanic Street, Spencer, MA
  6. James Kane, 45-years-old of 18 Taos Drive, Danielson, CT
  7. Tiffany Luna, 23-years-old of 80 Curtis Street, Providence, RI
  8. Jessica Paulino, 22-years-old of 47 Regent Avenue, Providence, RI
  9. Alisha Giglio, 24-years-old of 74 Baldwin Street, Pawtucket, RI
  10. Gina Miranda, 20-years-old of 200 Whitter Avenue, Providence, RI

As a result of female and male vice officers working as decoys, the following were arrested and charged with sexual Conduct for a Fee:

  1. Danielle Hamalainen, 29-years-old of 101 Endicott Street, Worcester, MA
  2. Jamie Francis, 34-years-old of 24 Pocasset Avenue, Worcester, MA
  3. Kerri Sheehan, 39-years-old of 122 Barnard Road, Worcester, MA
  4. Yuhong Jiao, 46-years-old of 30 Orchard Park Drive, Reading, MA
  5. Crystal Polydores, 32-years-old of 17 May Street, Worcester, MA
  6. Margarita Aponte, 29-years-old of 54 Gifford Drive, Worcester, MA

Vice officers working the prostitution sting came upon a silver Ford Taurus in traffic. This vehicle had driven past the undercover officers. The officers recognized the driver of the vehicle as 27-year-old Javier Crespo. The officers, working in an undercover capacity, driving an undercover motor vehicle followed Crespo’s vehicle. Vice officers had knowledge of Mr. Crespo with regard to prior narcotic investigations.

The officers observed the Taurus enter the parking lot of 7 Laurel Street. The officers observed a female exit the Laurel Street apartment and enter the rear seat of Crespo’s vehicle. The female was identified as Roselia Delrosario. Ms. Delrosario is known to the undercover officers.

The Taurus drove out of the parking lot, traveled a short distance and stopped to pick up a male on Gage Street. This male entered the rear seat. The vehicle drove on for a short distance. The male passenger was dropped off after a brief meaningless ride. The officers observed Mr. Crespo exit his vehicle and place a box in the trunk; he then got back into the vehicle and drove off. The undercover officers stopped this vehicle on Laurel Street.

A Vice Squad K-9 officer arrived at the scene. The dog made a strong indication by the trunk of the Taurus that narcotics were present within. Vice officers opened the trunk and recovered a box containing two separate bags of heroin. The total weight of the heroin is approximately 180 grams.

As a result of the drug discovery, Mr. Crespo, of 191 St. Nicholas Avenue, Worcester, MA, was placed under arrest and charged with Trafficking in Heroin and Conspiracy to Violate Controlled Substance Laws. A front seat passenger in the vehicle, Ms. Megan Fridley, 25-years-old of 191 St. Nicholas Avenue, Worcester, MA, was placed under arrest and charged with Conspiracy to Violate Controlled Substance Laws. The rear seat passenger, Ms. Roselia Delrosario, 34-years-old of 7 Laurel Street, Worcester, MA, was placed under arrest and charged with Trafficking in Heroin and Conspiracy to Violate Controlled Substance Laws.

All 19 individuals will be arraigned at the Worcester County District Courthouse.

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