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Domestic Call Leads to Officer Assaulted and Lengthy Car Pursuit

For Immediate Release: 10/19/2017 6:32 pm

Worcester, MA (October 19, 2017) - On Thursday, October 19, 2017, at approximately 11:45 AM, Worcester police responded to 12 Boylston Street for a report of a restraining order violation. The caller stated to dispatchers that she and her sister were having something to eat at a restaurant. At this time her sister’s ex-boyfriend entered the establishment and asked the sister to speak with him outside. Once outside, the caller could see that the suspect was attempting to get her sister inside his motor vehicle.

The first arriving officer observed two females standing next to a male outside. The officer parked his cruiser behind the suspect’s vehicle. The officer approached the group. At this time one of the females pointed to the male and stated that the he was the one that they called for.

The male began to walk towards his vehicle.

The officer approached the male and explained that he was under arrest for domestic assault and battery. At this time the male opened the car door and attempted to get in. The officer engaged in a physical struggle with the male. The officer deployed a short burst of pepper spray at the suspect’s face in an effort to stop him. The pepper spray had no effect on the suspect. The suspect managed to get into the vehicle. The suspect started up the vehicle and placed it in reverse. The door was still open with the officer leaning into the interior. The suspect grabbed onto the officers left arm in an attempt to keep the officer in that position. Fearing for his safety, the officer forced himself free from his grasp while being dragged approximately three feet with the car in reverse. The vehicle crashed into the cruiser before speeding away. The officer was unhurt.

The officer called out the direction that the suspect vehicle was traveling. Responding officers were seconds away from arrival and immediately spotted the suspect vehicle driving away. Officers were informed that the suspect had threatened the victim with a gun and stated that he had one in the car.

The suspect refused to stop his vehicle and continued onto the highway. The vehicle was now in the westbound lane of Route 290. Several of our officers followed until members of the Massachusetts State Police arrived and assisted. Several of our officers disengaged the pursuit at this point. One of our K-9 Units remained with the Troopers.

WPD K-9 and troopers followed the vehicle onto the Massachusetts Turnpike. Troopers were able to successfully deploy stop sticks by the Charlton Barracks while in the westbound travel lane. Three of the four tires of the suspect vehicle were punctured. The vehicle travelled approximately 9 more miles until eventually losing control on the flat tires and crashing into the median, the suspect was taken into custody without any further struggle. The vehicle was towed back to police headquarters for processing. There was no weapon located in the vehicle or on the suspect.

Due to current domestic laws, the name of the suspect cannot be released.

The suspect was not hurt during this ordeal. The suspect was transported back to police headquarters for processing and will be arraigned at the Worcester County District Courthouse on Friday, October 20, 2017.

The suspect was charged with 2 Counts of an Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Threatening to Commit a Crime (gun threat to victim), Operating a MV with a Suspended License, Failure to Stop for Police, 2 counts of Violation of a Restraining Order, Domestic Assault and Battery, Violation of a Harassment Order, and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. The suspect also had five outstanding arrest warrants in effect for past MV offenses, past violations of abuse orders, resisting arrests, vandalism and assaults.

The two females were also unhurt.

The WPD cruiser received damage to the door.

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