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3 Arrested by NRT as they Target Street Level Drug Offenses

For Immediate Release: 7/13/2017 11:42 am

Worcester, MA (July 13, 2017) – On Wednesday, July 12, 2017, members of the Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) were working in plain clothes, driving unmarked police vehicles conducting surveillance in the Main South area of the city. The officers were there in a continuous effort to put pressure on the street level drug dealing problem. At approximately 10:45 AM, officers were set up in the parking lot of the Odd Fellows Apartments located at 674 Main Street.

At this time one of the officers, with the use of binoculars, observed a male in front of 667 Main Street. This male was seen spitting numerous objects out of his mouth and showing them to another male before putting the items back into his mouth. After a few more minutes this male was seen speaking with two males. The officer observed a street level drug transaction take place when the male removed the items from his mouth and handed it to the men in exchange for cash.

Officers were able to apprehend two of the three. Jean Carlos Figueroa, 33-years-old of Worcester and Jose Miranda, 44-years-old of 39 Vernon Street, were stopped on Irving Street. Mr. Miranda attempted to place a baggie of Heroin in his mouth to swallow but was unable to so when one of the officers approaching from behind wrapped his arms around him.

Mr. Figueroa was placed under arrest and charged with Trespassing and Possession of Class A Substance. Mr. Figueroa also had outstanding warrants for Trespassing, Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest, Larceny and Disorderly Conduct.

Mr. Miranda was placed under arrest and charged with Trespassing, Distribution of Class A Substance, Conspiracy to Violate Controlled Substance Laws and Tampering with Evidence. Mr. Miranda also had an outstanding warrant for Sexual Conduct for a Fee.

The third person was able to evade the officers when they were apprehending Mr. Figueroa and Mr. Miranda.

Within the next half hour, the same officers observed a female on Murray Avenue that they were familiar with due to past drug offenses. The officers decided to take up surveillance on her to see what she was up to. The female was unaware of the officer’s position. The female was seen making several phone calls on her cellphone. A short time went by when the female met up with a male. The two walked in various directions. As the two approached the area of Jacob Hyiatt School they stopped. The female was seen handing the male money and the male remove an item from his mouth and handed it to her. The two separated. The male was walking ahead of the female who was now walking with another unidentified male.

Officers approached the female and discovered that she possessed a plastic baggie that contained crack cocaine. The male suspect was further down the road. As officers closed in on the male he began to place items in his mouth and swallow vigorously.

The male was identified as Nikko Holley, 29-years-old of 31 Queen Street. Mr. Holley was placed under arrest and charged with Distribution of Class B Substance, a Drug Violation within 1,000’ of a School (Jacob Hyiatt) and a Drug Violation within 100’ of a Park (YMCA Park on Murray Ave.).

The female, who was cooperative with officers, was not arrested but will be summonsed into court for Possession of Class B Substance.

All suspects will be arraigned today at the Worcester County District Courthouse.

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