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Uniform Services Division

Edward J. McGinn - Deputy Chief

The Uniform/Services Division of the Worcester Police Department includes the following:

  • Service Division
  • Crash Reconstruction Unit
  • Cell Room and Prisoner Processing & Transportation
  • Detention Attendants/Matrons
  • Court Liaison's Office
  • Plant Engineering & Maintenance
  • Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

Community Impact

The community policing model is used by the Worcester Police Department. This department-wide model is based on providing service to the community in a timely and cooperative manner.

In order to provide services to the community in the best possible way, a split-force model has been defined. The split-force model refers to the division of patrol personnel.

One element of the patrol personnel resides in the Operations Division. The Operations Division is required to always be available for emergency calls and calls-for-service. This makes it very difficult for them to interact with the community and/or have time to provide in-depth investigation into crimes.

The other part of patrol personnel resides in the Community Impact Division. These officers are free from answering calls-for-service. Therefore, they have more free time to interact with the community and invest time into problem solving.


  • Geographically assigned contact patrols (i.e., Impact Areas).
  • Foot & bike patrols through community contact designed to reduce fear and improve quality of life.
  • Neighborhood officers supporting neighborhood watch groups.
  • School liaison officers working collaboratively with the school administration.
  • Street crime, hot spots, crime surges, crime prevention, crime control, apprehension and suppression are the strategies of this division.
  • Problem solving through identification of the root cause of citizen complaints that involve multiple agencies and collaboration such as panhandlers, un-shoveled sidewalks, chronic parking issues and problem bars.

The success of the split-force model relies on all divisions (Operations, Vice, Detective Bureau, etc.). However, the Community Impact Division is the primary community policing entity within the Worcester Police Department.

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