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Parks and open spaces have been a part of Worcester's history since the City's founding. In June 1669, the Worcester Common was the first land set aside by the town for "common open space". However, the best known historic park in Worcester is Elm Park. Purchased in 1854, using public funds, it is recognized as one of the first purchases of land for a public park in the United States. Both the Common and Elm Park are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Worcester has sixty parks encompassing nearly 1,300 acres which offers residents and visitors a wealth of activities with its vast array of green and blue space. Given Worcester's Central location we are blessed with an abundance of park lands.


The City of Worcester has sixty parks located throughout the City.

  • Apricot St. Playground
    18 Merchant St., Worcester, MA
  • Bailey-Prouty Playground
    95 Prouty Ln., Worcester, MA
  • Ball Property
    309 Granite St., Worcester, MA
  • Banis St. Playlot
    78 Houghton St. , Worcester, MA
  • Beaver Brook Park
    29 Mann St., Worcester, MA
  • Bell Hill (Chandler) Park
    196 Belmont St., Worcester, MA
  • Bennett Field
    7 Holland Rd., Worcester, MA
  • Betty Price Playground
    71 Laurel St., Worcester, MA
  • Blackstone Gateway (Incl. Middle River Park)
    179 McKeon Rd., Worcester, MA
  • Blithewood Park
    10 Blithewood Ave., Worcester, MA
  • Boynton Park
    11 Boynton Pkwy., Paxton, MA
  • Burncoat (North) Park
    17 Park View Dr., Worcester, MA
  • Burncoat Street Playground
    526 Burncoat St., Worcester, MA
  • Cascades Park
    125 Cataract St., Worcester, MA
  • 29 Front St., Worcester, MA
  • 72 Coes St., Worcester, MA
  • Coes Pond Park: Coes Pond Beach
    180 Mill St., Worcester, MA
  • Coes Pond Park: Columbus Park
    77 Circuit Ave. North, Worcester, MA
  • Coes Pond Park: Knights of Columbus
    59 Englewood Ave., Worcester, MA
  • Cookson Field
    62 Kendig Street, Worcester, MA
  • 29 East Park Terr., Worcester, MA
  • Crompton Park
    180 Canton St., Worcester, MA
  • Dodge Park
    83 Randolph Rd. Worcester, MA
  • 138 Russell St., Worcester, MA
  • Fairmont Park
    20 Hemans St., Worcester, MA
  • Farber Field
    90 Camelot Dr., Worcester, MA
  • Grant Square
    12 Windsor St., Worcester, MA
  • Great Brook Valley Playground
    33 NE Cutoff, Worcester, MA
  • 214 Green Hill Pkwy., Worcester, MA
  • Greenwood Park
    2 Forsberg St., Worcester, MA
  • Hadwen Park
    183 Heard St. , Worcester, MA
  • Harrington Field
    202 Harrington Way, Worcester, MA
  • Harry Sherry Field (S. Worcester Playground)
    23 Camp St., Worcester, MA
  • Holland Rink Playground
    14 Bates Ave., Worcester, MA
  • Holmes Field
    203 Plantation St., Worcester, MA
  • Indian Hill Park
    165 Ararat St., Worcester, MA
  • Indian Lake Beach
    20 Clason Rd., Worcester, MA
  • 115 Salisbury St., Worcester, MA
  • Kendrick Field
    5 Brooks St., Worcester, MA
  • Korean War Memorial
    52 Foster St., Worcester, MA
  • Lake Park
    521 Hamilton St., Worcester, MA
  • Lake Park (DCR)
    10 North Lake Ave., Worcester, MA
  • Lake View Playground
    14 Agate Ave. , Worcester, MA
  • Logan Field
    521 Mill St., Worcester, MA
  • Mulcahy Park
    16 Acton St., Worcester, MA
  • Oakland Heights Playground
    36 Garnet St., Worcester, MA
  • Oread Castle Park
    4 Ely St., Worcester, MA
  • Providence St. Playground
    239 Providence St., Worcester, MA
  • Ramshorn Island
    498 Turnpike Rd., Worcester, MA
  • Rockwood Field
    540 Chandler St., Worcester, MA
  • Salisbury Park
    18 Bancroft Tower Rd., Worcester, MA
  • Shore Park
    106 Shore Dr., Worcester, MA
  • Tacoma Street Playground
    351 Tacoma St., Worcester, MA
  • Ty Cobb Park
    43 South Ludlow St., Worcester, MA
  • University (Crystal) Park
    17 Crystal St., Worcester, MA
  • Vernon Hill Park
    150 Providence St., Worcester, MA
  • Wetherell Estate Park (Duffy Field)
    17 Newton Ave., Worcester, MA
  • Winslow and Pleasant (Peace) Park
    1 Winslow St., Worcester, MA

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