Main Street Reimagined

Main Street Reimagined

Main Street Redesign

At a Glance:

  • Project start date - Summer 2018
  • Project duration - 2 years
  • Project cost - $11 million

Hanover Theatre Plaza at Night

The City is embarking on a long-overdue $11 million top-to-bottom reconstruction of Main Street. This is not simply a repaving project. This is a complete reimagining of Main Street. A complete reconstruction, including new streets, new sidewalks, new ornamental lighting, a dedicated bike lane, new brick-banded crosswalks, and public art installations that serve as place-making features, that capitalize on our city’s assets, its creativity and its inspiration to create memorable public spaces that promote activity and positive connections to the city. We’re seeking to weave together the story of our city through connective art installations, public amenities like bus shelters, trash receptacles, benches and bike racks that are not just functional but art themselves.

One of the ways this project will create vibrancy is through the inclusion of three interconnected, mini-plazas or “nodes” in front of cultural institutions: the Hanover Theatre, the Palladium, and Mechanics Hall. These nodes are a place-making effort that weave together public art, green space, and storytelling to create destinations and memorable experiences.

We’re building a Main Street that is not just a way to drive from Point A to Point B… but a 21st century Main Street, that embraces modern urban design philosophies, that is built to encourage parking your car and walking to multiple experiences, all throughout downtown. We want downtown to be a destination, not a waypoint, and this new Main Street will deliver on that vision.

Urban Culture Institute

The City of Worcester and its Cultural Coalition are working with the Urban Culture Institute to incorporate placemaking, cultural economic development and the arts into the Main Street Project. 

The goal is to create a theme, sense of place, increased walkability, and vibrancy along the Main Street corridor through public art while taking into consideration connectivity between primary public art nodes. The project will incorporate already designed wayfinding elements. Repurposing appropriate materials from elements slated for demolition or removal will be an integral part of the project.

The Institute will work with the public to deliver a more vibrant Main Street.

Urban Culture Institute

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