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Parking & Traffic

What You Need to Know
Parking Administration

I received a parking ticket for parking within 5 feet of a driveway, but it is my own driveway. Why did I receive this violation?

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Parking and Traffic in the City of Worcester is coordinated between the Department of Public Works & Parks' Engineering Division and Parking Services Office, and the Treasurer and Collector's Parking Administration Office.

The Traffic section of the Engineering Division has two interconnected and complimentary missions. First, to provide a transportation system that offers safe and efficient movement of people and goods on public arterials and local roadways for both the convenience of the motoring public and the commercial transports; second, to provide a safe and economical parking supply program that enhances the transportation system and maintains and supports economic development throughout the City.

Parking Services oversees Worcester's public parking meters, eight (8) parking lots and four (4) garages.

Worcester's Parking Administration Office is responsible for parking related matters within the City, including parking ticket payments and appeals, the issuance of Residential Parking Permits, assisting with enforcement of parking restrictions and investigation/removal of abandoned vehicles.

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Stop Signs & Traffic Signals

Stop signs and traffic signals are placed at strategic locations to provide safe and efficient movement of the travelling public, including pedestrians. The placement of stop signs and traffic signals is governed by a Federal Government publication: The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Worcester follows the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in complying with the MUTCD.

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