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Healthy Living

Welcome to Worcester's Healthy Living section! Here you will find information and resources to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, including walking trails and points of interest from the WOO Moves program.

WOO Moves

WOO MOVESWOO Moves is your guide to physical activity opportunities found right here in the City of Worcester. Any time you see the sneaker symbol at right you will know it marks a fun activity geared to getting folks up and moving!

WOO MOVES QR CodeWhen you see the sneaker, simply look for the QR code at left and scan it with your smartphone. You will enter the WOO Moves site and from there the fun begins. You will have access to a marked walking route, a bike path or simple instructions for safe and effective exercises you can do outdoors. As an added bonus, each activity will come with fun facts, such as how many calories you could potentially burn, interesting City trivia you could see along the way and ideas for nutrition-dense snacks after you complete the activity.

WOO Moves was born out of the City of Worcester Employee Wellness Program in partnership with the Worcester Division of Public Health and Worcester Mass in Motion to help meet initiatives in the Greater Worcester Region Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The vision of CHIP is to make Worcester the healthiest city in New England by 2020. The City of Worcester Employee Wellness Program is dedicated to fostering a healthy workforce and provides many programs and opportunities to help City Employees become the healthiest workforce in New England.

The City of Worcester Employee Wellness Program strives to promote CHIP Domain 1: Healthy Eating; Active Living by actively contributing to Goal 1: Create an environment and community that supports peoples' ability to make healthy eating and active living choices that promote health and wellbeing.

In addition to WOO Moves, the City of Worcester Employee Wellness Program sponsors Extreme Loser programs, employee walk and run team, interdepartmental walking challenges, nutrition and stress management courses, in addition to smoking cessation help and so much more!

Worksite wellness programs make big impacts on the health and wellbeing of a workforce in every industry. They can lower stress and increase productivity. We encourage other community employers to follow our lead and commit to fostering a healthy employee base in your organization. Let's all commit to the health and wellbeing of the workforce in Worcester so that we really can be the healthiest city by 2020!

View WOO Moves in a larger/mobile map.

Fun Health Facts

  • Drink a glass of water every hour throughout the day to stay hydrated. Ten minutes before your walk, drink an additional glass of water.
  • It would take, on average, just under 2 hours of walking to burn off a 540-calorie Big Mac.
  • Even though over 40% of trips taken in the US are less than one mile, less than 10% of all trips are made by walking or biking.
  • Walking reduces the risk of both breast and colon cancer.
  • The average person take 9000 steps each day. In an average lifetime, that is 3.5 trips around the Earth.
  • New soles! Your walking shoes should be replaced about every 500 miles.
  • On average, every minute of walking can extend your life by 1.5 to 2 minutes.
  • Fight the fat! Blend equal portions of nonfat yogurt with your favorite salsa for a fat-free, low-calorie dressing for salads, chicken and fish.

Mass in Motion

Worcester Mass in MotionMass in Motion Worcester is dedicated to changing community contexts to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. After reorganizing the local Public Health Department in 2010, Mass in Motion Worcester is working with the Worcester Food and Active Living Policy council and community-based partners from all sectors to create a sustained approach for active living and healthy eating by initiating or expanding policy, systems, and environmental change. By becoming a Mass in Motion community in 2009 and teaming up with community partners, this is becoming a reality through plans to enhance infrastructure for walking and biking, provide education on the important of healthy eating and active living, and increase local food access through implementing the new school nutrition standards and working with local corner stores to offer healthier foods and drinks though a Healthy Markets initiative.

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