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Abandoned Vehicles

Residents may file a report of an abandoned vehicle by calling the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at DPW&P's Customer Service Center at (508) 929-1300, or via the DPW&P Online Customer Service Center. The following are additional guidelines with regards to abandoned vehicles within the City of Worcester:

Stickering/Green-Tagging Abandoned Vehicles

  • Parking Control Officers visit all reported locations to determine validity of report. This includes both public and private streets and any City-owned property.
  • When a vehicle is "deemed to be abandoned" it will be green-tagged and a schedule for removal is logged. The vehicle is then removed within 72 hours if the problem has not been "fixed" or the vehicle is not moved to a private property.
  • Criteria: no plates; expired registration; missing wheels; broken windows; filled with junk; etc.
  • If the vehicle in question poses a safety hazard of any kind (parked in front of a fire hydrant, in a crosswalk, on the sidewalk, with broken glass all around, near a school, etc.), the 72-hour rule is superseded by the safety issue and the vehicle is towed immediately.

Towing/Moved By Owner

  • Owner may remove the vehicle to a private property or "fix" the problem within 72 hours.
  • Standard Auto will be notified and the vehicle will be towed within 72 hours from the date the vehicle was tagged.
  • Standard Auto will store the towed vehicles for 30 days. After the 30 days from the date the vehicle was towed the vehicle becomes the property of Standard Auto. Any registered owner desiring to reclaim his/her vehicle must obtain a release slip from the Parking Administration Office after paying the $500 fine (first time offender) or $700 (second time offender). If the registered owner is in need of time over the 30 days, Standard Auto must be contacted directly to make arrangements at (508) 755-8631.

Abandoned Vehicle Hearings

  • Completed Log Sheets where all vehicles are accounted for, either moved by owner or towed, are emailed to the Parking Administration Office for processing.
  • A hearing is scheduled for the last registered owner of each towed vehicle. The fine is $500 for first time offender and $700 for second time offender, whether or not the registered owner wishes to reclaim the vehicle. If the owner fails to appear, s/he is considered "guilty by default." If the last registered owner claims s/he sold, gifted or donated the vehicle, it is required that s/he show proof that s/he is no longer the owner, by providing a certified copy of the Bill of Sale and a copy of the front and back of the Title, which would include the address and signature of the new owner.

Registry of Motor Vehicles

If the registered owner is found responsible their license and registration is "marked" at the RMV and prevented from doing any business with the Registry (renew driver's license; register or renew the registration on any other vehicle) until such time as the account is cleared with the City of Worcester.

More information can be found at the DPW&P Abandoned Vehicles Removal page.

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