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Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center

The City of Worcester has an established Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that allows the City to continue to provide governance and services in the event of an emergency. By centralizing critical city departments and non-profit organizations within the EOC, communication can be streamlined and time sensitive information can be exchanged quickly within the organizational structure. To reduce the amount of recovery time needed following an emergency, the Worcester EOC enables the efficient use of City personnel and other agencies to perform multiple tasks and emergency management activities.

Field response operations are supported by the EOC using the concepts based off of the Incident Command System. To best utilize valuable operational resources, the EOC uses Emergency Support Functions to consolidate multiple agencies performing like-functions into specialized units to better manage the emergency.

Depending upon the timing, scope, severity and duration of an incident, the EOC maintains three levels of activation.

  • Level 1 - Full Scale Activation of the Emergency Operations Center - In a full-scale activation, all primary and support agencies under the county are notified. The Emergency Operations Center will be staffed by Division of Emergency Management personnel, a number of City of Worcester department heads, the Worcester City Manager and Emergency Support Functions.
  • Level 2 - Partial Activation of the Emergency Operations Center - During this phase of activation, all primary Emergency Support Functions are notified The Division of Emergency Management personnel and necessary Emergency Support Functions will staff the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Level 3 - Monitoring Activation - During this phase, notifications will be made to those city agencies and Emergency Support Functions who would need to take action as part of their everyday responsibilities.
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