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Fire Training & Employment

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The Fire Department's Training Division initiates and supervises the job development of fire fighters commencing with the probationary period and continuing throughout their career.

I don't live in Worcester; can I still take the Civil Service test?

Yes, this is a state-wide exam and anyone can take the test. Applicants who have resided in the City of Worcester for an entire twelve month period immediately preceding the date of examination are entitled to be placed on the eligible list for Worcester ahead of any nonresidents.

Massachusetts law (G.L. Chapter 31, Sec. 58) permits cities and towns to ask that residents be placed on entry-level police and firefighter eligible lists before nonresidents. A "resident" is a person who has lived in the same city or town for the full year before the date of the examination. For example, if you took an examination on April 27, 2014, you would have to live in a single city or town from April 27, 2013 to April 26, 2014 to claim residency.

  • Your residence, for the purpose of civil service law, is the place where you actually lived and intended as your permanent home. A temporary living place, such as a summer cottage, a school dormitory, a relative's or friend's house or apartment, etc., is not a residence.
  • If you live at college during the school year, you may claim as your permanent residence that place where you reside during the rest of the year.
  • If you were in the military, you may use the city or town where you lived when you entered the military if you returned to that city or town after you left the military, or, if you are still in the military, you intend to return to that city or town.
  • If you move to another city or town at any time during the year before the examination, you do not qualify for residency preference in any city or town.
How old do you have to be in order to take the firefighter exam?

You must be at least nineteen (19) years of age at the time of the application deadline and the City of Worcester requires applicants to be younger than thirty-two (32) as of the date of the exam. Veterans are eligible to add up to four (4) years of military service time to the maximum age limit, increasing their eligibility to apply up to age thirty-five (35) as of the date of the exam.

When is the next exam and ELPAT (Entry-Level Physical Abilities Test)?

The written exam dates can be found on the Civil Service exam site. Applications are only available online. When registering for the written exam you must also register for the ELPAT. You will receive an email from Civil Service instructing you how to schedule your ELPAT.

It does not matter if you take the ELPAT before or after the written exam. However, failure to take and pass the ELPAT will result in a failing score.

How do I prepare for the written test and ELPAT?

All the information needed to study for the written examination and prepare for the physical portion of the test (ELPAT) is available free online. Civil Service does not endorse any other courses or study materials.

After completing applications for both the written and physical portions of the exam, applicants should take time to prepare for each portion of the test in order to ensure their success.

I am currently deployed on active duty military service. Can I take the exam?

Yes. Military applicants who are unable to participate during the scheduled exam have the option of requesting military make up exam.

What are the requirements for appointment?

To be appointed to the Fire Department, the following must be fulfilled:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Pass a written test for Firefighter administered by the State.
  • Pass a Physical Abilities test administered by the State.
  • Pass a character background investigation.
  • Meet medical fitness requirements.
  • Have a valid Massachusetts driver's license.
  • Pass a drug test.
  • Pass a psychological exam.
  • Be a non-smoker.

*There will be an interview process, background checks, employment checks and a C.O.R.I. More information can be found at

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